Peggy's Ponderings -

Pastor’s Walk
Boy do I love cake….
Church is like a birthday cake. Now,
I’m not talking about one of those
sheet cakes you get at the grocery
store. You know the ones with GI
Joe knee deep in colored icing
surrounded by mounds of icing
bombs. I am talking about what my
father-in-law refers to as a “real
cake.” His definition of a “real cake”
is a round cake with multiple layers
and in between each layer of cake
rests a lovely layer of icing. The
whole layered goodness is then
covered with yet more icing. This is
making me hungry!
And so I say to you again, church is
like a birthday cake….a “real”
birthday cake!
I came to this conclusion one Sunday
morning while listening to my pastor
deliver his prayers for the people.
To be honest, I can’t remember a
word he said or even what he was
praying about that morning. What I
do remember, however, is that
something in his prayer related to
something I had heard in a
committee meeting the day before
and that what I had heard in that
committee meeting the day before
related to something I had heard in
a recovery worship the day before
You see what I was
hearing….what I was feeling were
the nudges and whispers of the Holy
Spirit. Each layer of this church
“cake” such as worship, committee
work, Sunday school, book study,
prayer, Bible study, outreach, and on
and on…they are all connected. Yes,
sure, individually they are all
committee work wonderful is a
stretch…but taken together they
can be so much more.
It is in
between those layers of church that
the Holy Spirit acts as the icing
binding everything together….making
about Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit
is responsible for those instances
where we go….OH…now I get it…I
see what you are doing here God. I
call those instances WOW moments.
Momentary glimpses where Jesus,
through the power of the Holy
Spirit, pulls back the curtains and
we get to see the WOW of God.
God’s wows make this whole church
thing worth it….even committee
My family and I are so very excited
to be here at Commonwealth United
Methodist Church. We feel blessed
to be appointed to a church that is
in a community we have called home
for the past 20 years. I personally
look forward to meeting and getting
to know each and every one of you in
the coming weeks and months. But
what I look forward to most… what
I will pray for daily…is to see the
Holy Spirit working within our
church and in our lives….I look
forward to the WOW’s of God!
Pastor Steve
Church Hours Have Changed
Starting November 2nd, are
church hours have changed.
Choir Practice
9:00 a.m.
Sunday School
10:00 a.m.
Worship Service 11:00 a.m.
Welcome Reception
We will be having a Welcoming
Reception for our new Pastor, Steve
Kurt, and his family on Sunday,
November 9th, right after church.
Thank You
Dear Friends,
My family and I would like to
offer our most sincere thanks for
the beautiful mixed flower basket
you sent in memory of our dad.
Thank you so very much for
your kindness, generosity and loving
support during this sad time. We
Commonwealth family. Your cards,
visits, and prayers were a great
comfort and source of strength for
thoughtfulness and encouragement.
O. J. Weaver’s Family
(John, Tom, and Donna)
Blessing Note
Shepherds Care Group
Changes Coming Next Year
Response from Julie Lambeth
"Hope all are well and joyful in
Christ...I'm doing well here and still
looking after Dad.
He has had
some up and down times but still
continues on. Tell all hello for me
and keep faith in Christ. Praying for
all as we move into this Holiday
Love and Light...Julie Lambeth
As you are aware of, we are
mailing the newsletter via the US
mail. It is currently on the Church’s
website at:
Coming early next year, we
will stop the bulk mailing process.
We will continue to provide
newsletters to our shut-ins. We will
also have copies available in the
narthex for those who do not use or
have access to email.
To continue receiving the
newsletter, please make sure the
church secretary (Margie) has your
current email address on file. The
[email protected]
If you would like to purchase
a Poinsettia to be placed in the
Chancel area “In Honor Of” or “In
Memory Of” a loved one, please
place your order and payment in an
envelope marked “Poinsettias” and
place it in the offering plate on
Sunday morning. You may also mail it
to the church office. Please make
checks payable to Commonwealth
UMC. Orders must be placed by
Monday, December 1, 2014. The
cost of each poinsettia is $8.00.
Number of poinsettias ordered ___
Amount enclosed _______
Shepherd the Flock
“Shepherd the flock of God
which is among you, serving as
overseers, not by constraint but
willingly, not for dishonest gain…but
being example to the flock.”
1st Peter 5: 2-3
Newsletter – New Look
Starting November 18 , the
newsletter and calendar will be
changing paper size from legal (8 ½ x
14) to letter (8 ½ x 11).
In Memory Of:
In Honor Of:
Placed By:
Thanksgiving Breakfast
The Men’s Club is once again
hosting a Thanksgiving Breakfast on
Thursday, November 27th at 8:00
Sign-up sheets are in the
Narthex and Lands Class.
Christmas Covered Dish Luncheon
Sunday, December 14, 2014
Immediately following worship
Fellowship Hall
Join us for this special time
of fellowship. Bring your favorite
dish to share.
Christmas Musical
Sunday, December 21, 2014
Worship Hour 11:00 a.m.
One of the highlights of the
Christmas season is the special
Christmas music.
Invite your
friends and neighbors to this special
service on Sunday, December 21st.
Sheila Bishop’s
New Parsonage Address
Here is Sheila’s parsonage
address for Bethany UMC.
Sheila Bishop
1110 Autumn Ln.
New London, NC 28127
Hawthorne Lane BBQ & Bake Sale
for Missions!
It's BBQ and Bake Sale time on
November 6, 11am to 7pm. Every
year we have a top notch BBQ day to
raise money for a mission in our
The proceeds will go for
missions and outreach. We need
help cooking, cleaning, serving,
boxing... you name it. And we need
help selling tickets! Want to help?
Want to eat BBQ?
Call Bryon
Hinson at 980-229-8959. You can
e-mail [email protected] or
purchase ticket(s) available in the
The BAKE SALE is sponsored by the
United Methodist Women.
donations of baked goods are
needed! Bring them to the church
on Wednesday, November 5th. All
the BAKE SALE proceeds are used
for book scholarships for our college
and graduate students. This year at
the BBQ we will have LIVE
We welcome Jim Singer, Rich Austin
along with members of HLUMC
playing Dixieland Band Hymns during
the lunch hour at the BBQ. Come
enjoy a fabulous lunch and music to
get your toes tappin’. See you on
the 6th!
New Directory
We are in the process of
updating the Church Directory. If
you know of any changes (address or
telephone) please let the church
secretary, Margie, know as soon as
We want the new
directory to be as complete and
accurate as possible.
October 26, 2014
November 2, 2014
Permit No. 1062
Our Prayer List
United Methodist
2434 Commonwealth Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28205-5132
Phyllis Baker, Lee Ann Fowler
(daughter of Nan Thomas), Pat
Inman (sister of Jackie Samuels),
Martha Lee, Sandra Pearre, Donna
Pruitt, Sarah Rhodes, Carl and
Frances Stinson
Nursing/Assisted Living Care
Milton Burgess, Mable Davis, Maxine
Kincaid, Hazel Lands, Sarah Lever,
Ann Pike, Ralph Stephenson, Jean
Stoneman, Margery Weaver
November 4, 2014
November 2, 2014
Sunday School – 11
Church Attendance – 35
October 26, 2014
Sunday School – 11
Church Attendance – 29
Your staff needs your help!
If anyone listed in our prayer
concerns and prayer list needs
pastoral care, please let the office
and our pastors know ASAP.
Commonwealth United Methodist Church
2434 Commonwealth Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205-5132
Our Stewardship
Steve Kurt – Pastor
Patience Brumley – Pastoral Care
Church Office (704) 376-4924
Office Hours
Mon. – Thurs. 9am to 1pm