Day 14- Forces Review

Forces Review for Monday, Oct. 31
Test Format
Knowledge- multiple choice, short answer (~15 marks)
Inquiry- problem solving (~30 marks)
Application- short answer, essay type questions- connect what you have learned to real life situations
(~15 marks)
 Types of forces (gravity, normal, friction, applied etc.)
 4 fundamental forces (strong force, electromagnetic force, weak force, gravitational force)
 Free body diagrams
 Forces on an object in free fall
 Mass vs. weight
 Net force (collinear and non-collinear)
 Universal law of gravitation
 Gravitational field intensity
 Gravity and the pendulum (activity)
 Friction
 Galileo, Aristotle and Newton
 Newton’s first law
 Newton’s second law
 Newton’s third law
 Motion problems and Newton’s laws
Homework Questions to Review from this Unit
p.61 #1,2
p. 110 # 1,2
p.62 #1,2
p.111 #1,2
p.63 challenge
p.112 #1,2
p.65 #1-7
p.114 #5,8,9
p.69 #1,2
p.118 #1,2
p.70 # 1-5
p.119 #2,5
p. 76#3,4,5
p.123 #1,2
p. 96#1,2
p.124 #2,3,4
p.105 #1-4
p. 88 #1,2,5,8,21
p.130-131 #3-6,8,10,12
p.136-139 #8-15,22,38-40,44-54
Class Experiment
Is there a correlation between completing homework and scoring well on a test?
1.Staple together all homework from this unit and the practice test and hand it in Monday.
2.Hand in Gravity and the Pendulum assignment Monday.