Chapter 5, Supply
Movers and Shakers, page 146
Read the article on John Schnatter, founder of Papa John’s Pizza. Analyze his
1. From these statements, what qualities do you think he possesses that make him a
successful entrepreneur? Answer in complete sentences.
2. In your SMG teams, discuss the fact that Papa John’s faces stiff competition from
frozen grocery pizzas and deep discounting from its direct competitors. What
management steps would your team take in order to keep the company growing?
Visit Papa John’s website at Click on Company Info and then
click on About Us. There you will find links to Papa John’s Core Values and
Mission Statement.
3. On your own, write a ¾ page, double spaced report on how these ideas (core
values and mission statement) contribute to the success of the company. Add this
report to the same page you answered #1 and #2.