BIO - people

Robertt (Rob) W. Neilly
Rob has been a part-time computer instructor for Seneca's Continuing Education
division since the summer of 1990. Originally teaching programs like
Windows 3.1, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, and DOS(!), he currently offers
instruction in Microsoft Office programs and web development. He also authored
and delivered a one-day workshop on eBay buying and selling.
In addition to his part-time involvement with Seneca, Rob also teaches basic
computer applications to full-time, 1st year Fashion and Accounting students at
Humber College, and has taught CE classes at George Brown College. He also
offers computer consultation to small business owners and private individuals,
takes on occasional web development projects, continues to keep an active hand
in administrative work through Greyhound Canada, and does volunteer computer
training for a local shelter.
Rob's academic background includes communications, radio/TV broadcasting,
web development, and adult education.
He includes on his list of 'strange' activities (work-related or otherwise), a few
brief stints as an Extra in movies, jumping out of a plane (once), bungee jumping
(also once), and of course teaching: at times, that’s stranger than anything else!
Rob's other interests include reading, a large video/DVD/laserdisc collection,
most things about ancient Egyptian philosophy, technology, communication and
A native Torontonian, he currently lives in the Don Mills area with his wife of 13
years, their two cats, and a collection of fish.
He loves jazz, house, disco, reggae, ragga and various other types of music, as
well as trains and train trips, frightening movies, and the world of micro and
international beer.