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Patent 579049
Patent 579049
A cash reward loyalty, multi level advertising and marketing system is disclosed. The system
includes at least one point of sale (POS) terminal for reading and transmitting information
indicative of card details, sales or purchase amounts, and transaction type and receiving
processed information back from operators’ applications
The system facilitates communications between the at least one point of sale terminal, a
cash rewards financial account associated with the system, an operators’ funds pool, and
consumer card accounts.
Each consumer card account includes a rewards balance indicative of the balance of
financial amounts transferred to and from the cash rewards financial account which is
associated with the consumer.
During a rewards receiving operation, the system transfers an offered rewards amount
received by the consumer at a POS terminal to the rewards financial account when the
product is purchased.
During a cash rewards redeeming operation, the system transfers at least a proportion of the
respective cumulative financial amount associated with a consumer and corresponding to a
selected rewards amount received by the at least one point of sale terminal, from the
rewards financial account to a merchant financial account associated with a merchant of a
product. The rewards balance amount is in the form of cash in local currency.
The system calculates, processes and rewards the consumers in real time, and makes
payouts of rewards to consumers in cash, paying into the consumer personal private bank
account upon maturity.
The system also allows merchants and businesses participating in a campaign to have web
presence and allows merchants to advertise.