Contents of Paper Submission

Contents of Paper Submission
Your paper submission must include these separate files, presented in this order:
1. Full Paper with 250 word abstract and accompanying endnotes, but excluding images,
in a MS word document.
2. High resolution scans at 300dpi of the images in JPEG format. Each paper is limited to
not more than 10 images.
3. Captions and sources for the images in a MS word document.
Format of the Paper
1. The abstract, text, endnotes, and captions/sources must be double-spaced and
formatted for printing on A4 size paper. Please use twelve-point type in Times New
Roman font and leave a margin of at least 1 inch on all sides. Pages must be numbered
3. Please use only endnotes. Footnotes are not acceptable.
4. The paper should be formatted according to The Chicago Manual of Style. Basic
formats are listed below.
Author [or editor], Title (city of publication: publisher, date of publication), page
numbers. Example:
1. Mark Crinson, Modern Architecture and the End of Empire (Aldershot:
Ashgate, 2003), 82-93.
Journal Article
Author, "Title of article," Journal Title volume no., issue no. (month and year of
publication), page numbers. Example:
2. Hannah Le Roux, "The Networks of Tropical Architecture," The Journal of
Architecture 8, no. 3 (Sep. 2003): 337-340.
Essay in a Collection
Author, “Title of Article,” in Title of Collection, ed. Name of Editor(s) (city:
publisher, date), page numbers. Example:
3. Peter Scriver, "Empire-Building and Thinking in the Public Works Department
of British India," in Colonial Modernities: Building, Dwelling and Architecture in
British India and Ceylon, ed. Peter Scriver and Vikramaditya Prakash (London:
Routledge, 2007), 70-72.
Archival Material
Author, type of document [memo, note, diary entry], date, folder/box/dossier
name or number, page number, name of collection, archival institution, location.
4. Housing Research Group, report, 4 December 1945, CO927/6/7, Housing
Research in the Colonies, Public Record Office, Kew, London.
IMPORTANT: As archives differ in the ways they catalogue material, not all of
the above information may be available. However, you must provide an author
and some form of identifying information.
5. Spelling: Use British spelling and authors should follow the latest edition of the
Concise Oxford Dictionary. Use 'ize' and 'z' (e.g. 'modernize', 'globalization').
6. Quotations from foreign languages must be translated in the text, with the original in
the endnote only if necessary.