UNIV 1110 Syllabus – Spring 2016
Dr. Xuechao Li (Suechow Lee), Office location: 203 Milledge Hall
Office Hours
MW 2:00-3:30PM or by Appointments
Text: College Algebra - 8e (or 7e) Subscription Code
College Algebra (8th Edition), Larson.
ISBN: 0618643109
College Algebra (8e) Online information:
2. Find the “Have a class key?” Is Webassign used in your instructors
class click here.
3. Enter the class key: uga 8742 3101 (class call # 36670)
4. Follow the guild to build your login ID and your password.
(Note: please choose College Algebra – 8e(or 7e) and cost for homework
is about $47. The total cost for package of homework and E-textbook
would be about $75)
Make sure you choose the correct section as there are multiple sections
being taught this semester.
The course syllabus is a general plan for the course: deviations announcement to the
class by the instructor may be necessary.
Rules and Requirements:
Attendance: You will do all homework outside of class online using
the homework on the webassign site. We will meet daily, about 5-10
minus of class time will be used to go over some questions you have
about the material presented in previous class as well as the homework
Homework: The homework assignments located on the webassign site
are divided by chapter. Each chapter’s assignments are due by the date
of the exam for that chapter. Homework will account for 10% of your
grade for the course.
Homework is an important component to being successful in this course. In order
to cover all of the information that we need to each day, it is required that you
email me homework questions that you have by 9:00 pm the night before we meet
for each class. I will then answer your questions at the beginning of each class
period. Because there are a lot material needed to be covered in a short period of
time, there may be times when I ask that you meet with me during my office hours
so that we may discuss your questions.
Note that you have up to 25 trials to submit your answer to each question.
Quizzes: There are about six-eight online- Quizzes which will earn 10% of your
Note that each question on each quiz you have only 3 trials to submit your answer.
Chapter Tests: No-Make-Ups. There will be 4 tests that you will take during this
You will have an option to drop your lowest test score for one of our 4
in class tests. Your chapter tests are worth a total 50% of your course grade. The
final exam may be used to substitute ONE missing chapter test in the event of an
excused emergency absence. An excused emergency absence will only be granted
when you have notified me of the illness/emergency prior to the class meeting on the
test day, and with a document excuse presented to me later. The exact dates of the
tests will be announced in class. Next massage is for dropping Math 1113 students
only: if you have taken two tests in Pre-cal, and you take two tests in UNIV 1110, then
the all two tests will be kept for your grade.
Final Exam is worth a total of 30% of your total grade.
GRADING & CLASS POLICIES (Attendance Policy):
Good attendance is a must. You cannot succeed to the best of your ability if you are
not in class for each lecture. Do not lure yourself into the false security of thinking
you only need someone’s notes and you can figure out the homework yourself.
Typically 4 absences of any sort result in an automatic WF in the course.
Class Lectures: We will start each class lecture with questions concerning the
previous assignment. Please ask questions: this is the only way we learn.
Final Exam
Final examination will be a comprehensive, about 35-50-questions. Note that the final
examination may not take place in this classroom or at the time indicated in the
University’s Schedule of Classes. The date and time will be announced later in the
The final test exam may be used to substitute ONE missed in class test in the
event of an excused emergency absence. An excused emergency absence will only
be granted when you have notified me of the illness/emergency prior to the class
meeting on test day.
Grading is on a standard 10-point grading scale.
Note: You are RESPONSIBLE to keep track of your own grades.
Example of how to calculate your grade: Suppose you have scores on your four
chapters tests which are 93,65,80, and 92 respectively. Then your chapters tests
earning for you is:
93  80  92
 0.5  44%
Suppose your quizzes are: 80, 90, 60, 70 (assume you take 4 quizzes ) which gives
you that
80  90  60  70
 0.1  0.075  7.5%
Suppose that your final is 68 over 100 which gives that
 0.3  0.204  20.4%
Suppose your homework is 10%.
Your course grade will be
44%  7.5%  20.4%  10%  81.9% which is B.
A: >=9%, B: >=80%, C: >=70%, D:>= 60%, F: < 59%
Content of this course
This course reviews material to which students should have been exposed in high school mathematics
courses. It covers material (Chapters P,1,2,5 & introduction to trig &Pre-cal ) that may be beyond
the high school curriculum, but which is important to understand for future UGA mathematics courses.
This course offers institutional credit.
Chapter P: Simplify math expressions using Product Rule, Power Rule, Quotient
Rule, Factoring, Simplify radicals, radical operations, rationalizing denominator,
Quadratic functions etc.
Chapter two: Graph shifting, graph reflecting, properties on quadratic function and its
graph. Composite functions, finding inverse functions.
Chapter one: Solving varies kinds of equations, solving varies kinds of inequalities.
Chapter five: exponential function and its graph, logarithmic function and its graph,
properties on logarithmic function.
Chapter 6. Basic concepts on Trigonometry
There are additional practice during this semester specially for students for the coming
Math 1113.
For drop back from Math 1101 students: Your first two tests at Math 1113 will be
auto dropped. So all of your three chapter tests in my class (UNIV 1110) will be kept
and counted toward to your grade. Your quizzes will be accounted accordingly upon
to your drop –back date.
Tentative dates for tests.
01/29/2015: Test 1 (Chapter P & Chapter 2)
02//26/2015: Test 2 (Chapter one)
03/24/2015: Test 3 (Chapter five)
04/27/2015: Test 4 (Chapter six: trigonometry & Pre-cal)
Final exam (Comprehensive)
Final exam: date , time and Location: will be announced later this semester.