Basketball Skills Test “Critical Cues”

Basketball Skills Test “Critical Cues”
Checklist Rubric
Student performs all three critical
cues correctly
Student performs at least two critical
cues correctly
Students performs only one critical
cue correctly
Points Earned
Dribbling (3 points)
_______Ball to approximately waist height
_______Head/Eyes forward
Passing (3 points)
_______Step toward target
_______Arms extended/fingers out on follow through
_______Passed to the chest of the target/person
Shooting (3 points)
_______Balance – knees bent, feet shoulder width
_______Elbow – L shaped arm, elbow in
_______Follow – Follow through with arm, flick wrist
Game Play (1 point)
_______Knowledge of game, scoring, and basic strategies
All skills tests are authentically checked during student game play
If a student feels there is a discrepancy with his/her grade and desires a
“retake,” he/she may make an appointment with their PE teacher to do a
product-based skills test.
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