Year 10 Business Studies
Topic 1: What is a Small Business
Key Features of Business
Read handout:
Key Features of Businesses
Write all Questions and answer them
1. List the features, which determine if a business is small, medium or large?
2. a) Why is the number of employees within a business important?
b) Draw figure 2.6 and label accurately
3. a) There are two main types of legal structures of private businesses. List and explain
each one.
b) Draw figure 2.7 and label accurately
4. a) List the three classifications of business activities.
b) How are the three classifications linked to the transformation of natural resources
into goods and services?
5. Explain the terms quaternary and quinary.
6. Complete the following table in your books
Type of Business
7. What is the difference between the public and private sector? Provide examples.
8. Define privatisation
9. Complete Activity 2.3 p.14 (Paste case studies into your books) and answer the
questions for each case.
10. Complete Activity 2.4 p.16 (Draw the table into your books and complete)