Chapter 11, pp. 322-332
Interest Groups
1. What was slipped into the bill that created the new Department of Homeland
2. Why was there no credit claiming over this provision?
3. Why are so many interests heard in the American political system?
4. Explain the two criticisms of an open system>
5. Why do some scholars believe the system is working?
6. List six different ways you might see lobbyists in action?
7. What is a recent paradox in American government?
The Role of Interest Groups
8. Where is the right to organize groups protected under the Constitution?
9. In your own words define the term interest group.
10. Where do interest groups pursue their goals?
11. What is the difference between a political party and an interest group?
Theories of Interest Group Politics
12. Explain the Pluralist Theory of Government.
13. Explain the Elite Theory.
14. Explain the Hyper-pluralist Theory.
Pluralism and Group Theory
15. On what does pluralist theory rest its case?
16. List and explain the five essential arguments contained in their “Group
Theory of Politics”.
17. Ultimately how do pluralists feel about lobbying?
Elites and the Denial of Pluralism
18. What impresses elitists?
19. Who do elitists believe run the government?
20. Why do elitists believe in a concentration of power?
21. The elitists’ view of the interest group system maintains what four things?
22. Why do elitists think that lobbying is a problem?
Hyper-pluralism and Interest Group Liberalism
23. What does the phrase “interest group liberalism” mean?
24. What does the government do to please and appease every interest group?
25. What is a sub-government and how do sub-governments promote interest
group liberalism?
26. What is another name for these sub-governments and what groups form
27. What is the goal of all elements that compose sub-governments?
28. What is hyper-pluralists major criticism of the interest group system?
What Does This Lead To?
29. What are the three major points of the hyper-pluralist position on group
What Makes an Interest Group Successful?
30. Look at the list on p. 329. Do any of these groups surprise you? Have you
heard of all these groups?
Read pp. 328-332 on your own. Take your own notes on this