read endorsements

"As a result of implementing [the lessons of] Elevated Math into our
curriculum, we have seen a tremendous improvement in our students'
standardized test scores."
-Michele Lavelle, Kirby Smith Middle School, Jacksonville, Florida
"...the students are able to privately re-examine concepts for optimal
understanding ... the curriculum is not watered down but is rigorous and
requires higher order thinking skills." - Instructional team at Austin-East
Magnet High School in the Knox County School District
"The program is great! We used it for a group of algebra students who
were having trouble factoring. The scores jumped about 30% after
watching the video one time. I love the program."
- Mr. Wayne Basinger, Algebra Teacher, Cleveland High School,
Reseda CA
"The kids love it! They can move through a particular lesson at their own
pace and repeat an explanation until they gain understanding."
- Mr. Zan Mason, Central Juvenile Hall School, Los Angeles CA
"I like the way that they really explain what they are showing us."
- Student
"Its engaging, comedic, and comprehensive format makes this a great
learning tool...!"
- Alberto Araujo, M.Ed, Curriculum Specialist, Rose Management
Group, Inc., Tucson, AZ
"Its multi-sensory approach and clear explanations teach students lessons
in ways that I (even with a decade of algebra teaching experience) simply
- Mr. Jerry Jerabek, Assistant Principal, Frenship Junior High School,
Lubbock, TX
" teachers showed Elevated Math to the parents at Open House and
they loved it..."
- Mrs. Dana Kriznar, Principal, Jacksonville, FL
"I like Elevated Math because it is funny and I learn at the same time."
- Student