Europe Research Project
You will create a keynote presentation about your assigned country in Europe.
Country: _________________________________
You will use the Culture Grams database to research information for your project.
Directions: You can find Culture Grams by going to the website below. You will click on “Culture Grams”
link on the left side of the page. Choose the “Kids Edition”.
Username: 0609bent
Password: aea10
1. Title Slide-country name, your name and the flag
2. Location-describe the location with a map
3. Major Cities-top 2 cities (not usually on Culture Grams)
4. Land and Climate
5. Religion and Language
6. Food
7. Life as a kid
8. History- 3 facts about the country’s history
9. Choose 3 interesting facts about the country
* Include one picture on each slide*
Critical Thinking Questions
1. Based on your research, name two positive aspects and two negative aspects of life in your country.
2. Based on your research, what can you infer about life in your country?
3. What do you think are two of the biggest differences between life in Europe and life in the United