Syllabus.M 172.S16 - Montana State University Billings

Syllabus for M 172-001
Spring Semester 2016
Instructor: John Hoover / LA 830 / x2921 /
Office Hours: 9:40 – 10:25 Monday through Thursday and
by appointment.
Textbook: Thomas’ Calculus, Early Transcendentals 13th Ed., M. Weir, J. Hass, & F. Giordano,
Addison-Wesley, Boston, 2014.
Content: To include the following (this is a bit tentative) From Chapter #5 - §§
6 - §§
7 - §§
8 - §§
9 - §§
10 - §§
sections 1-6
sections 1-5
sections 1-4
sections 1-6
sections 1-3
sections 1-8
Goals & Purpose: To introduce students to the ideas and applications of the integral calculus.
Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the process of
mathematical problem solving. They will also demonstrate understanding
of indefinite & definite integration and power series expansions as well as
acquire experience with the techniques and applications of course material.
Assessment: Based on an in-class midterm (@ 10%), 6 on-line chapter tests (@ 5% each),
a comprehensive in-class final exam (@ 10%), and online section hw (@ 50%).
The following scale will be used to determine final (note signed) letter grades –
: 90 – 92 (3.7 GP)
B- : 80 – 82 (2.7 GP)
A : 93 –
(4.0 GP)
B : 83 – 86 (3.0 GP)
B+ : 87 – 89 (3.3 GP)
: 66 – 69 (1.7 GP)
D- : 60 – 61 (0.7 GP)
C : 70 – 75 (2.0 GP)
D : 62 – 63 (1.0 GP)
C+ : 76 – 79 (2.3 GP)
D+ : 64 – 65 (1.3 GP)
For written work (if any is assigned), students will adhere to the following format:
If appropriate, number and state (in abbreviated form) each problem.
Use a pencil and write on just one side of the paper. Remove ‘frizzies’.
Enter legible, organized, & complete solutions (narratives are essential).
Attendance: In sequentially structured classes (like M 172), attendance is essential and
you are responsible for the material covered each & every class period.
Incompletes: An Incomplete is given only when a student has been in attendance for at least
three-fourths of the semester, but have - due to circumstances beyond their
control - been prevented from completing all the requirements of the course.
An Incomplete must be made up within one calendar year or the grade will
revert to an F (this is all officially stated in the current university catalog).
Cell Phones: All modes of electronic communication are to be turned off during class.
Regarding DSS: If you have a disability and wish to discuss academic accommodations,
please contact me to discuss your situation. Validation from Disability
Support Services authorizing your accommodations will be needed
(the DSS number is 657-2283 and they are located in COE 135).
Web Homework: You will access the internet homework by registering at the following
site: Click on the Register
button, have your access code available, and follow their directions.
You will need the following information:
Book: Thomas’ Calculus Early Transcendentals, 13e
My Course: M 172-001 Spring 2016 John Hoover
Course ID: hoover24541
You can buy a code separately (you will need a credit card) if you already
have a textbook. Go to the Pearson website and just follow their directions.
Some Relevant Dates:
Classes Begin
Last Day for Registering/Adding Classes
Last Day for Withdrawing/Dropping Classes with a Partial Refund
January 20
January 28
February 9
Last Day to Drop Classes Without Instructor Permission (No Refund)
March 16
Last Day to Drop with Approval of Advisor and Course Instructor
Classes End
April 14
May 5
Links You May Find Helpful –
Policy Notes & Advice:
You will need a graphing calculator (a TI model is recommended).
Take deadlines seriously as extensions will be given only if justified.
Emails are to be signed & should include M 172 in the subject heading.
It is your responsibility to remain informed about all class assignments.