The books symbolize how knowledgeable I am

The books symbolize how knowledgeable I am. I love knowledge. To
me, knowledge is important. Without knowledge we wouldn’t be
where we are today. We wouldn’t have phones, cars, computers, etc…
I watch the news everyday so I can learn about what’s going on in the
world. I’ve read hundreds of books, magazines, and newspaper articles
because they can be filled with knowledge. I try to learn as much as I
can because being smart can get you into a good college or university.
Knowledge can help you in life. That’s why I love knowledge.
The musical note symbolizes my love of music. Music to me is
important; it’s a way to express yourself. I’m not much of a musician
myself but you don’t have to be to love music. There are thousands of
songs and hundreds of artists. From pop to country, even rap. There is
a song for every person, every mood. Whether it’s a sad song, a love
song, or maybe even a rap song; there’s a song for everything. That’s
why I love music.