French Revolution DBQ Essay 2013

1 Paragraph French Revolution DBQ Essay
Prompt: What caused the French Revolution?
1. Thesis Statement: Use the sentence stem or craft your own thesis statement.
The French Revolution was caused by ____________________ because it led
to ____________________ which forced the people of France to revolt in order
2. Evidence: Use the chart on the back of your Causes of the French
Revolution DBQ to select appropriate evidence to support your claim. Include
quotes in your answer.
3. Explanation: Say HOW your evidence proves your claim. Answer: How
do you know your cause was responsible for making the French Revolution
Scoring Rubric for this Assignment:
Use this check off list to make sure you have everything you need.
Basic- C grade
 Thesis Statement
o Thesis statement responds to the
 Evidence 1
o Detail/Specific 1
 Explanation
 Writing is Clear and Organized following
the Model
 Grammar is correct
 Uses complete sentences
 Typed, size 12 font Double spaced
 1 paragraph, Less than 1 page
Making a claim words:
• Because
• On account of
Cause/Effect Words:
• for this reason
• when...then
• is caused by
• so
• therefore
• led to
• resulted in
• consequently
Explanation Words:
• because of
• the reason for
• in order to
• so that
Advanced- A grade
 All of the Proficient criteria
 Thesis is a Level 2 Thesis
 Additional Evidence
 Additional details and specifics for
 Use of quotes or specifics as part of
 Explanation connects all pieces of
evidence together and to the claim
 Uses formal academic language
 Uses proper writing language to indicate
cause and effect, examples, explanation
and so on.(such as, in order to, etc)
 Uses complex sentence structure and
 Makes a below the surface connection or
an inference.
For a B grade on this assignment, do all the C work and some of the A work.
 Honor Wall
Final Score ______
 Incomplete- see circles and comments above, make corrections and resubmit.