student score distributions

The May 2013 College Board AP Exams were taken by 2,218,578 students from 18,920 secondary schools. College and
high school teachers, called Readers, who are familiar with college-level course demands, scored the free-response
sections from the 3,938,100 examinations taken. Computers at ETS® scored the multiple-choice sections.
The Chief Readers, relying on their subject-matter expertise, statistical equating data, data from comparability studies, and
historical trends, determine the score-setting thresholds for the 5-point AP score scale: 5 = extremely well qualified, 4 =
well qualified, 3 = qualified, 2 = possibly qualified, 1 = no recommendation. Listed below are the Chief Readers who
directed the scoring of the free-response sections of the May 2013 exams.
Summary Table of Students’ Scores
The scores earned on the May 2013 AP Examinations are summarized in the form of score distributions shown in the table
on the next two pages. For each exam, the table provides the number and percentages of students receiving each score,
the total number of students, and the mean and standard deviation of scores.
Additional information
Released exam questions, scoring guidelines, and sample student responses for the free-response sections of AP Exams
are available at AP Central® ( Entire released exams, with multiple-choice answer keys are
available for purchase at
Art History
Chinese Language
Computer Science
Economics - Micro
Economics – Macro
English Lang. & Comp.
English Lit. & Comp.
Environmental Science
European History
French Language
German Language
Government & Politics: Comparative
Government & Politics: United States
Human Geography
Italian Language
Japanese Language
Spanish Language
Spanish Literature
Studio Art
United States History
World History
Bob Nauman
University of Colorado - Boulder
Domenic Castignetti
Loyola University of Chicago
Stephen Kokoska
Bloomsburg University
Larry Funck
Wheaton College
Telee Richard Chi
University of Utah
Elizabeth Johnson
Xavier University
David Anderson
Centre College
Arthur Raymond
Muhlenberg College
Mary Trachsel
University of Iowa
Warren Carson
University of South Carolina - Upstate
Arthur Samel
Bowling Green State University
Jeffrey Hamilton
Baylor University
Pascal Ifri
Washington University
Johanna Watzinger-Tharp
University of Utah
Glenn Hastedt
James Madison University
James Riddlesperger
Texas Christian University
David Lanegran
Macalester College
Giuseppe Cavatorta
University of Arizona
Sufumi So
George Mason University
Robert Cape
Austin College
Teresa Shelton Reed
University of Tulsa
Jiang Yu
Fitchburg State University
Elizabeth Hammer
Xavier University of Louisiana
Gustavo Fares
Lawrence University
Hazel Gold
Emory University
Allan Rossman
Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo
Herb Weaver
Georgia Gwinnett College
Ernie Freeberg
University of Tennessee
Dean Ferguson
Texas A & M University
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