The test will be in two parts—short answers Tuesday, long essay on Wednesday.
The essay on Wed. will be open book—but not open notes, though you may have stickynotes or note cards in your book so that you can quickly find particular passages. You
will write your essay as a response to a prompt about the play. You will have to use all
of your understanding and knowledge about the play to construct your essay, which will
be a multi-paragraph essay using proper format, etc. You are judged on both
understanding of the play and writing ability. You are to create a piece of writing that
makes a statement in response to the prompt. You are not answering a test question.
(75 points)
For Tuesday:
The test is all short answers.
The test only deals with the play.
You will have some type of choice.
You will be asked to identify quotations and discuss them.
You will also be asked to discuss particular elements of the play (without passages in
front of you.)
You will have to possess superior knowledge of all characters and the entire plot—but the
questions will not be plot or character identification.
You’ll need to pace yourself.
The key will be how concise and complete you can be. Can you make clear connections
to develop your point? Or are you just making lists? Think of the short answers as single
paragraphs. Pay attention to your topic sentences.
(60-90 pts.)
Do not forget about the list of quotations. Are there others that you would add to the list?
Can you name speaker, context and thematic relevance for all of the quotations? Can you
make specific connections to incidents and speeches in the play that connect in support of
thematic ideas? Can you apply ideas and show some original thought in your answers?
Can you support with evidence that those thoughts are legitimate?