Mammals Study Guide

Mammals Study Guide
1) What are the major/main characteristics of all mammals?
2) Give two examples of each/all the classification groups of mammals.
3) Describe/give an unique characteristics of each/all classification groups of
4) Describe and give two examples of each of the three types of mammal life cycle.
5) What are the functions of hair?
6) Define: cerebrum, secondary palate, echolocation, placenta, orbit, vibrissae
7) Describe mammalian sensory organs/response.
8) Describe mammalian digestion:
a. Secondary palate
b. Feeding adaptations
c. Energy and wastes
d. Digestive tract
9) Describe mammalian respiration.
10) Describe mammalian teeth
a. Describe the type of teeth
b. Diet types: molar, canine, incisors, herbivores, carnivores, insectivores,
11) Be able to label: dorsal, ventral, anterior, posterior
12) Identification:
a. Panda
f. Porpoise
l. Chimpanzee
b. Grizzly
g. Dolphin
m. Walrus
c. Black bear
h. Pika
n. Platypus
d. Seal
i. Hare
o. Kangaroo
e. Whale
j. Rabbit
p. Wallaby
(Blue and Killer)
k. Orangutan
13) Know rat practical information!!