5 th Grade Science Study Guide Chap. 2 Test Date

5th Grade Science Study Guide
Chap. 2
Test Date: ________________
Vertebrates are all animals with backbones.
A habitat is the kind of place in which an animal prefers to live.
Animals that live together in groups of the same kind are known as social animals.
Antlers are made of solid bone.
An animal that no longer exists is called extinct.
Instinct is an inherited behavior.
Scavengers are animals that eat other animals that have already died.
Balance of nature: The principle that God designed nature to be able to respond to change.
1. Mammals that eat flesh are called carnivores.
2. Warm-blooded animals are those whose bodies are designed to maintain a constant body
3. Rodents are the largest groups of mammals.
4. Mammals that eat plants are called herbivores.
5. The bat is the only mammal that can fly.
6. The cheetah is the fastest land animal.
7. Female mammals are provided with special milk-producing glands called mammary glands.
8. Insectivores are mammals which feed mostly on insects.
9. Lions live in family groups called prides.
10. A marsupial is a baby mammal that must finish developing in a special pouch outside its mothers
11. An echidna is a mammal that lays eggs.
12. Giant pandas mostly eat bamboo.
13. Whales and dolphins have a layer of blubber for warmth.
14. An animal whose father and mother are of the same species are called purebreds.
15. The moose is the largest deer.
16. A frog is a name for the padded cushion at the bottom of the horse’s foot.
Be able to match a mammal with its group. In other words identify as whether it belongs to
rodent, primate, marsupial, canine or feline group.
Be prepared to write a paragraph describing the characteristics of mammals. Include at least five
different characteristics that all mammals have in common.