Lesson/Workshop Plan Format – TBE 540

Lesson/Workshop Plan Format – TBE 540
(Note: See class website for sample lesson plans each week)
Software required: Browser-specific? I hope not.
Hardware required: How many computers? What type? Lab? Display device? Printer?
Audience Describe the people who will receive this lesson.
Curricular Integration For student lesson, how will the web site be integrated into the
curriculum? What standards will be addressed? (see http://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st /) For
teacher lesson, what professional standards are being addressed?
(see http://cnets.iste.org/teachers/t_stands.html ) If parents, ???
Prerequisites What will the audience need to know before the lesson?
Objectives specific, measurable, stated in terms of learner behavior
Sample Objective (from a student lesson using interactive web-based math problems):
Given a set of two-digit addition problems presented on interactive web pages, the
learner will be able to provide correct answers to all problems within a ten-minute
Lesson/Presentation Description What will you do? Include a time schedule and
describe activities, attach handouts, if any
Assessment How will you know participants have met the objectives? Your interactive
elements would work well for this part.