Key Questions for Chapter 8/9: The Presidency

Key Questions for Chapter 9: Presidential Leadership
Chapter 9, Sections 1 - 3
In addition to defining all key terms and explaining the result of all major (and/or
“landmark”) Supreme Court cases, be able to answer the following:
Chapter 9, Section 1: Presidential Powers
1) Explain the Framers reasons for the creation of a strong executive.
2) Describe the President’s Constitutional powers as given in Article II, and the additional
powers presidents have assumed under Article II.
3) Describe 3 reasons or methods by which presidents have informally expanded their
4) Describe the various ways in which Congress and the Supreme Court can limit the
power of the President.
5) Explain how public opinion can limit the power of the President.
Chapter 9, Section 2: Presidential Roles
6) Describe the various roles of the President, and give an example of each.
7) Describe the various powers used by the President in the performance of each role.
8) What questions do you ask to determine the role a president is playing?
Chapter 9, Section 3: Presidential Greatness
9) Describe the various leadership qualities of a great president, and give an example from
the text for each.
Explain how and why executive privilege has been used, and describe the court case
of US vs. Nixon.
Explain the three factors involved in determining the greatness of a president.
Explain the difference between strict and loose construction, and be able to give an
example of a president who falls under each view.
Explain the difference between detail-oriented and big-picture leadership, and give
an example of a president who used each of these management styles.
Describe how opportunity plays (or does not play) a role in determining presidential
Explain how presidential greatness can best be summed by the phrase, “the man
and the moment have met.”