Bodnar - Academic Csuohio

U.S. Urban History
History 304
Professor Tebeau
Reading John Bodnar’s, The Transplanted, draw a portrait of the story of immigration.
When, why, and from where did people migrate to the United States?
Where, why, and when did those migrants move?
What factors structured the immigration process? Give an example.
Based on your reading, and use examples from the text, how important was it to
immigrants to become “American?” What factors affected that process? Explain with an
Was the United States a “salad bowl” or “melting pot” from the 1880s through the
Great Depression? Explain your answer.
List of chapters in Bodnar
Chapter 1
How the European experience mattered in immigration.
Chapter 2
How family organization shaped the immigrant experience.
Chapter 3
The role of unions and work in ethnic life.
Chapter 4
How an immigrant middle class developed.
Chapter 5
What was the role of church in ethnic communities.
Chapter 6
Immigration and the American dream.
Chapter 7
How America changed as a result of immigrant culture and life.