Animal Behavior Laboratory

Pill Bug Taxis
Part I: General Observations of Behaviors (observe for at least 5 minutes)
1. Make a list of physical characteristics and behaviors you observed:
Sketch of pill bug:
Part II: Student-Designed Experiment
2. Make a list of environmental conditions that could be tested:
3. What condition did you chose to test in this experiment?
4. State the hypothesis of your experiment.
5. Describe your experimental design. How did you set up your experiment? What materials did you
use? Be specific.
6. Table of Data (must record data for 10 minutes)
# in Chamber 1
# in Chamber 2
Other Notes
7. Make a graph of your two sets of data. Your graph should have 2 lines—one representing the
number of pill bugs in one side of the choice chamber and the other representing the number of pill
bugs in the other side of the choice chamber (remember labels and a key)
8. Interpret your results and write an analysis and a conclusion based on the data you collected.
9. What did other groups find in their experiments?
10. What do these experiments tell us about pill bugs?