Psychology 201 Hypothesis Testing Answer Sheet Name

Psychology 201 Hypothesis Testing Answer Sheet
Problem _________
Describe the population or populations whose characteristics are being investigated.
Null Hypothesis:_____________________________________________________________________
Formally state the
Alternative Hypothesis:________________________________________________________________
Give the name and the formula of the test statistic that will be employed to test the null hypothesis.
What significance level will you use to separate "likely" value from "unlikely" values of the test statistic?
Hint: .05 is a popular choice.________________________________________________________________________________
What is the value of the test statistic
computed from your data?
What is the probability of a value as extreme as the
above value if the null hypothesis were true, i.e., the p-value?______________________________________________________
What is your conclusion?
Do you reject or not reject the null hypothesis?
What are the upper and lower limits of a 95% confidence interval appropriate for the problem? Present them in a sentence, with
standard interpretive language. (Not required if the statistical test is chi-square or analysis of variance.) (For ANOVA
problems, report post hoc comparisons.)
State the implications of your conclusion for the problem you were asked to solve. That is, relate your statistical conclusion to the