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Albert Einstein
Who would have though that a genius like Albert Einstein could be
such a “slow learner” in his early years. This man was just too smart to be in
school, the only support he had was his mother. He not only had problems in
the area of math but he also struggled with speech, until this day Albert
Einstein is considered one of the top sciencetist in world history. Well he
was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany, but he grew up in Munich.
At the age of five or so Einstein’s parents suspected that he was mentally
retarded. Believe it or not he was one of the most rebellious students in
school. So he got kicked out of many German schools and at the end he
taught himself in the areas of math and science and he became the amazing
person he was.
Einstein’s formal education started at the age of six and he also took
violin lessons even though he disliked it because with the years he quit.
Although Einstein had speech difficulties he was one of the top students in
elementary school. As he was growing up he enjoyed building models and
mechanical devices for fun. At the age of ten he was introduced to Max
Talmud, a medical student who was close to his family. Max taught Albert
Einstein the key to science, mathematics, and philosophy text. When he
turned eleven he had an intense religious phase. He learned geometry by the
age of twelve and from there he moved on to calculus.
Like any other man Einstein got married to start a family. He married
Mileva Maric on January 6, 1903. Before they got married they had a little
baby girl they named her Lierserl, who was born in the early 1902’s. On
May 14, 1904 they had their first son, Hans Albert Einstein, and then later
they had their second son, Eduard. Albert and Maric unfortunately got a
divorced on February 14, 1919, after living apart for five years. Einstein
refused to stay alone after he divorced and he remarried Elsa Lowenthal.
Elsa nursed Einstein through and illness he suffered. She also happened to
be Albert’s first cousin maternally and his second cousin paternally.
Together they raised Margot and Ilse; those were Elsa’s daughters from her
first marriage. Albert and Elsa had absolutely no children.
Einstein made many accomplishments in his life. His fascination with
light made him experiment and he found out that, light always travels at the
same speed. He also came up with E=MC2, this is one of the most famous
equations that show the relationship between mass and energy. Einstein also
added to Newton’s theory of gravitational pull, stating that an apple just
doesn’t fall to the ground because of gravity, but because of earth’s orbit
attracts asteroids. He won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921, the Copley
Medal, in 1925, and the Gold Medal in 1926 in London. Albert Einstein was
a very lucky man he was also asked to become the president of Israel, in
1952 but he declined.
Albert Einstein died in Princeton, New Jersey, United states; 1955
because of heart failure. Even though he made so many big
accomplishments in his life I think the most important thing that he proved
was to never judge a book by its cover. Everyone taught that Einstein was
dumb, but look at who he became over the time; he proved everyone wrong
and became a genius on his own, but of course with the support of his
parents because they never gave up on him.