December 2012/January 2013

Tiogue Elementary School Monthly
December, 2012
January, 2013
Be Kind. Responsible Behavior. Always Ready to Learn. Value Yourself and Others.
Everybody is Somebody at Tiogue!
From Mrs. Seitsinger, Principal :
Happy Holidays!
It is that hectic and exciting time of year! As we enter this special holiday season it is
important to reflect on the most important gifts of all – family, friends, health, and joy. Your
children are the most wonderful gifts of all! It is truly an honor to help them learn and grow
everyday at Tiogue!
This past month was full of amazing generosity as Tiogue families and staff donated over
1,000 items to the Coventry Food Bank. This amount will be matched by Mr. Feinstein in
monetary funds for our students and school. We were also able to donate 30 Thanksgiving
baskets and meals to families in need. Through donations from our staff, Ed Oakley’s
Okinawan Karate School, we were able to provide many families with a delicious
Thanksgiving dinner. Special thanks to Ms. D’Aleno, Mrs. Abood, Ms. Bellemare, Mrs.
Biondo, Mrs. Pelletier, and Mrs. Hankins and all of our staff for all of their time and
outstanding work on these baskets! We are looking forward to helping support more families
as we move into this special holiday season of giving. We also experienced very successful
Parent-Teacher Conferences. Thank you for all of your continued support. We look forward
to working with all of you as a united team to insure your children’s utmost success in
learning and overall educational experiences at Tiogue.
In November we learned about Fire Safety with our local fire station members. Smokey the
Bear visited with both of our Kindergarten classes to review fire safety as well. Mr. Feinstein
visited our school this past month and presented our school with a generous donation which
will be used for our students and school. Our PTA Playground committee continues to work
hard to improve our playground with a long term plan and some recently added equipment.
Please be sure to look for announcements coming your way regarding upcoming meetings.
We appreciate all of your support! 
We are continuing a great deal of work in our Response to Intervention process as we help
our students to receive the instructional support they need in both reading and math. We
have worked on a clearer protocol to help our staff identify students’ needs and when they
need to refer a student for academic or behavioral support. Students’ needs are also
reviewed at our Data Review meetings with each grade level and with the support of our
Professional Development Coordinators, Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Vandervelde. We have been
able to form intervention groups for certain skills and concepts both in Reading and in Math.
These groups typically meet for six to eight weeks. The students are monitored by the
classroom teachers to be sure they are making progress. Students are also receiving
interventions in reading based on screening assessments and Diagnostic Reading
Assessments (D.R.A.) across all grade levels. Our reading specialists and special education
teachers are providing these interventions and many students have demonstrated amazing
growth in reading skills with this critical support.
Some interesting and important events are coming up in December. I am thrilled to be able
to continue a special holiday tradition and read “The Polar Express” to our Grade 3
students on Friday, December 14, 2012. The P.T.A. also donates hot chocolate and
cookies for this special event. Each child will receive a very special gift related to the story
that parents may share on Christmas Day. I will also be reading a special book to our second
graders entitled “Winter’s Gift.” On Saturday, December 1, the P.T.A. hosted the North
Pole Continental Breakfast at 8:30 a.m. Students and families were also able to shop at the
Holiday shop during this event. That is sure to be another fun and tasty event for all! On
Wednesday, December 5 there will be a P.T.A. meeting at 7:00 p.m. in our library. Please
come and support our P.T.A. On Monday, December 3, 2012 our Grades 4 and 5 bands will
be perform in a special holiday concert at Coventry High School at 7:00 p.m. in collaboration
with Hopkins Hill and Blackrock choruses and bands, under the direction of our Band
Teacher Mr. Rosenfield. That is sure to be a wonderful event for all of us!
The first trimester ends Monday, December 3, 2012. Report cards will be sent home on
Wednesday, December 12, 2012. Picture Retakes will take place on Tuesday,
December 11. P.T.A. is also providing a Holiday Shop for our students. It will run during
the school day during lunches on Thursday, December 6, 2012. If you need forms please
ask your child’s teacher or call our school office. Each child may purchase no more than 6
gifts and gifts will all be sold for $1.50 each. Students may purchase items at the School
Store every Thursday throughout the month of December. I will be hosting a Principal’s Tea
at 3:30 p.m. in our library on Thursday, December 20, 2012. I look forward to meeting with
you for an informal conversation about school topics or any ideas that you would like to
discuss. Please continue to send in your BoxTops for Education. We have an ongoing
competition among all of our classes. They are very excited about earning a special award!
We are earning funds that help many programs at our school through Box Tops. Finally, our
school vacation will take place from December 22– January 1, 2013.
In the near future, please look for the West-Ed Parent survey which will be sent home
in January. This survey is conducted with parents, staff, administration, and students in
Grades 4 and 5 each year. It helps us to gather very important information about our school,
curriculum, teaching, learning, and our school climate. We also use this information to revise
our School Improvement goals.
Enjoy a fabulous and relaxing holiday with your family and friends. Happy and Healthy New
Year too!
Your Partner in Education,
Louise K. Seitsinger 
Grade K:
We would like to thank everyone that was able to make it for parent teacher
conferences. It was so nice to meet with you and discuss your child’s progress.
We have been very busy in Kindergarten! We are almost finished with our
lowercase alphabet and sounds. We have been working hard on applying the
initial sounds to words. In the coming months we will be applying sounds to the
ends of words as well as beginning sounds. The children are practicing these
skills in a variety of ways in the classroom and we encourage you to do the
same at home. The children often work on these skills with magnet boards, dry
erase boards, journal writing and applying them in early reading skills in our
small books. Please continue to practice your sight words at home to help them
learn to read!
In math the children are working on identifying the “flat” shapes circle, square,
rectangle, triangle and hexagon. They are also working on forward number
sequence from 1-30 and counting backwards from 12. We are practicing
number identification from 1-10 and comparing two numbers that are large and
Mr. Greg Tripp
Mrs. Kristen Abood
Grade 1:
The holiday season is upon us and things will soon be hustling and bustling in
first grade. We have many exciting projects planned for the coming weeks as
we begin to talk about traditions and celebrations from around the world. We
just completed some fall topics on bats, Veteran’s Day, Election Day and the
Story of Thanksgiving.
Students in grade one have been working hard on building an extremely strong
foundation for “number sense.” By now they should be very good at number
facts for 10, doubles facts through 20 and counting on by +1, +2, or +3 from any
random number through 30. Please help reinforce these concepts at home or in
the car whenever an opportunity arises. Very soon we will be moving onto
subtraction for the same concepts. We have also been giving weekly timed
tests on these concepts and have seen great improvement. These tests will not
come home since we have been asked to retain these as evidence of student
In Fundations “glued sounds” like am, an, all have been taught. Students
should recognize these chunks in words along with digraphs ch, sh, th, wh, and
ck. If you see that your child is still struggling with these sounds, please take
time to review these sounds frequently. Also, we are getting ready very soon
for our first Trick Word spelling test. In Unit 6 we will begin giving weekly
spelling tests. More information will follow.
Please remember that your First Grader should be reading EVERY night. Try to
include weekend nights as well since the more they practice, the more quickly
reading skills will take hold. This is the single most important thing a first grader
can do is read, read, read!
From our families to yours, we wish you all the blessings of the season.
Happy Holidays!!!
Mrs. Donna Costa
Mrs. Susan Hackett
Mrs. Cheryl Saucier
Grade 2:
We have lots of news to report as we begin the month of December. In reading
the children have been working on story elements by identifying the characters,
setting, problem and solution. They are finding the main idea of a reading
passage and using the text to locate details that support it. By learning these
strategies, the children are developing a deeper understanding of what they are
In math the children have been working on telling time and counting money.
Please take any opportunity to reinforce these concepts. The children enjoyed
using the following educational websites in school.
We will begin working on two-digit addition in our next unit. Your child will be
learning different strategies to add numbers. Please continue practicing all
math flashcards that have been sent home. The children are working towards
increasing their speed and accuracy.
Our scientists are completing the pebbles, sand, and silt unit. They enjoyed
many hands-on activities using earth materials. The children used their senses
to record observations in their science notebooks. We will begin a unit about
magnetism in January.
In Social Studies, we will learn about many types of communities. The children
will discover the difference between urban areas, rural areas and suburbs.
We will also practice map skills and learn about the continents and oceans of
the world.
Thank you for attending conferences. It was a pleasure meeting with you.
Happy holidays!
Mrs. Gallagher, Mrs. Citrone, Miss Benson
Grade 3:
We are very busy in grade 3 working very hard in all academic areas. In
reading and writing we are working on responding to informational text. We are
using nonfiction text, looking at the different feature of nonfiction and locating
details from the text to formulate answers. We have begun to use a newly
created Reading Response Checklist where students will be self-assessing their
writing before conferencing with their teacher. Students are working very hard
with both content and the conventions of their writing. We completed letters to
veterans will definitely place a smile on many faces. Our classes were thrilled
to do this!
In reading we are using our guided reading text to explore all genres of
Literature. Each student is responsible for independently reading 25 books per
year with a total of 100 minutes of reading weekly. Please keep this goal in
mind as your child submits evidence each week toward this goal.
In math we are completing our place value/addition and subtraction unit, and
are diving deep into multiplication! Since this is a new skill for our students it is
imperative that they spend time practicing their facts each night. We are
recommending that students practice for ten minutes nightly. One way to
practice is to have your child use flash cards. Begin with the fact cards that go
with the table your child is being tested on, and allow your child to practice
these in a random fashion until the problems are mastered. Our students will
have one minute to complete each table, once mastery of that table is met, the
students will take their next test on the following day. The orders of the timed
tests are 1,2,5,10,11,9,3,4,6,7,8 and 12. If you have any questions please let
us know. Our students are so excited to learn multiplication!
In social studies, we are working on a communities unit. We are learning about
what laws are and how as citizens of a community we need to be responsible.
We have researched the No Texting While Driving Law, the Clickit or Ticket Law
and the Leash Law in Coventry. We have discussed the cause and effects of
these laws and how they directly impact our lives! Posters and persuasive
letters were written to state our opinions as to how important these laws are to
keep us safe. We are currently working on the three community types urban,
rural and suburban. We will be comparing and contrasting the three types of
communities using a Venn Diagram.
In science, during the coming months students will learn the three states of
matter; solid, liquid and gas. They will also explore the properties of water
through investigations and experiments such as surface tension. We will also
observe what happens to water at different temperatures and on various
surfaces. There are many investigations happening in our classrooms!
Happy Holidays!
Mrs. Benzo
Mr. Coen
Mrs. Koski
Ms. D’Aleno
Mrs. Hague
Grade 4
Thank you to parents that attended conferences to discuss your child’s
progress. Communication between home and school is very important to
children’s academic success.
There is a lot of learning going on in Grade 4! Here’s what we have planned for
the next couple of months:
Reading/Language Arts: Continue to read 100 minutes each week and turn in
weekly logs. The trimester ends at the beginning of December, so children
should have at least 8 Book Forms completed and handed in for credit.
Students are using Reader’s Notebooks to answer comprehension questions,
complete literature circle jobs, and write letters to correspond with their
teachers. We continue to focus on response to text using the RAVES format
and applying comprehension strategies in all content areas.
Math: Classes are working on a variety of grade level targets within individual
pilot series. Be sure to check with your child about skills and concepts being
taught. All students have been given Fact Triangles with multiplication and
division facts. Continue to practice facts every night and turn in weekly logs!
Students are being tested on timed drills each week. Automaticity of these facts
is the basis of many upcoming grade level targets (i.e. decimals, fractions, multidigit multiplication and division).
Some free websites to practice math facts are:,,,
Science: We will finish the Electric Circuits unit before the holiday break. The
students have created switches, learned about series and parallel circuits, and
wired a “house”. We hope you will join us for our “Open House” on December
3, 2012 from 2-3 PM. Students will share their “houses” with families. We
continue to use notebooks like “scientists” to make predictions, record
observations, collect data, and write conclusions. Our next course of study will
be “Earth Materials”. Students will become geologists for the trimester as they
investigate the properties of their “mock rock”.
Social Studies: We continue to work on geography and map skills. We are
learning about the natural resources found in our country and how they are
used. The students are finding out about renewable and nonrenewable
resources and the importance of using all resources wisely.
The first trimester ends on December 3rd, and report cards will be sent home the
following week. Please review, sign the envelope, and return it to school. Feel
free to contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns.
Please remember that students will have the opportunity for a recess break
following lunch. It is imperative that the students come to school dressed
appropriately in warm weather gear so they can enjoy the much needed
afternoon break.
We wish all families a wonderful holiday season!
Ms. DelBove
Mrs. Canfield-Ross
Mrs. Pires
Mrs. Hague
Mrs. Koski
Grade 5:
We want to compliment the fifth graders for working hard in getting their
homework completed and turned in on time. Record numbers of students were
able to attend Work Champs celebrations because of their continued efforts.
Our goal is to make sure that all students develop good study/homeworkhabits
that will ease their transition to the middle school.
Looking back, we had a wonderful time at Trinity Repertory Theatre on
November 9th when we saw the performance of A Christmas Carol. It was an
experience enjoyed by all.
In math, we have completed a unit on division of decimals and are currently
working on a unit that includes division of decimals. Those students who have
not mastered basic facts should be practicing at home with flash cards,
computer games, etc. After the holiday break, mandatory recess practice time
will be expected. This will enable students to catch up so they can attain the
grade level target.
Students are very excited about the Variables Unit in science. They have
completed Part I: Swingers, Part II: Lifeboats and are currently working on Part
III: Airplanes. This month, students will have an opportunity to participate in
“The Great Airplane Race-Off” competition. All airplanes must be constructed
out of paper and can be made at home or students may use their models made
in class. Your child will receive information about this in their science class.
Please continue to encourage students to read at home at least five times per
week for 20 minutes and record books completed on their reading logs. In
writing, all students have been working on descriptive pieces using models from
the Empowering Writers Program and Six Traits Model. We are most pleased
at how they are applying these skills in their daily writing.
After our Pequot field trip we are following up with a study of Native Americans.
This area has a rich history of various Native American tribes and students will
enjoy learning about their lifestyles and traditions. The word Tiogue is a Native
American word that means “low place” or “low land”. We even have students
with Native American ancestors!
On a festive note, our classes will share in a holiday party on Thursday,
December 20th. We will be asking parents to send in snack items for this event.
The exchange of greeting cards on that day is optional. However, if students
wish to participate, they must provide one for each child in their class. Also, if
you were considering a teacher gift, we would appreciate classroom supplies
(markers, crayons, pencils) or perhaps a game for indoor recess instead. That
way your generosity will benefit our students.
Happy holidays to you and your families. Have a safe and wonderful vacation.
Thank you for your continued support and recognition. We are grateful to be
teaching such a great group of children. It is a pleasure to see them growing
and learning!
Grade 5 Teachers :
Mrs. Flynn
Mrs. Hunter
Mrs. Sinotte
Reading Specialists:
The first trimester of reading interventions will be winding down at the end of
December. Students have been working very hard and have improved their
word recognition, fluency and reading comprehension skills. Students are
encouraged to use strategies we discuss as they encounter unfamiliar words
when reading. Winter school wide assessments in reading and math will take
place during the week of January 7th. Students will be selected for winter
intervention groups based on the assessments.
The first round of the Extended Day Kindergarten program will end at the close
of December. We have worked on understanding rhyming words and
recognizing letters. During read-alouds, the children have learned to discuss
problems and solutions in stories they hear. Additionally they have discussed
how characters develop within a story.
“The children were nestled all snug in their beds while visions of sugar plums
danced in their heads.”
The holidays are a perfect time to give the gift of reading. Books create a mind
movie unlike anything seen at the local cinemas. As you snuggle with your child
at bedtime, reading aloud helps your child with fluency, intonation and word
recognition. That special time will be in your child’s memory forever!
Take a trip to the local library or Barnes & Noble. Ordering books from
Scholastic would also be a special holiday gift.
The Reading Department wishes you every happiness during the holiday
See you in 2013!
Ms. Richtarik and Mrs. Toohey-Kaye
If you have a question for our Reading Specialists on how you may
support your child at home in reading please e-mail me at:
[email protected] 
Got Math?
With the holidays approaching it's a perfect time to have your child work on
money skills. If you have older children give them a dollar figure to
spend shopping using the Sunday advertisements (you can use play money if
you wish). Try making it interesting by having them shop for members of the
family. Make it a family affair by having everyone participate with the winner of
the game being the person who has the most money left over (be sure to give a
minimum amount to spend on each item). Baking is a wonderful way to
incorporate family time for children of all ages and create baked items as
gifts. Besides all the math involved in measuring and timing you can have
children itemize the cost to purchase the necessary items for baking (maybe
look for the best deal at the markets for the items needed). Just be sure to point
out the math in whatever activity you do and most of all MAKE IT FUN.
Happy Holidays,
Mrs. Vandervelde
Health News
Parents of kindergarten and new students: Please note that a recent (within 1
year before school entry or 4 months after school entry) physical examination
written report from your healthcare provider is due by January 2, 2013. In
addition, Kindergarten students need proof of Lead Screen compliance and
vision exam. I will be sending home notices and extra forms by mid December
for those students still lacking these RI State and Coventry school entry
requirements. You can have your healthcare provider Fax them to my attention
at 822-9453.
This website from the American Academy of Pediatrics has some important tips
for Winter Safety:
Have a healthy and safe winter vacation.
Mary Johnston
School Nurse-Teacher
Tiogue Elementary
Art News:
All About Art
The art students have been busy using their imaginations to create and explore
a variety of materials and techniques in the art room! We have been looking at
the world of Pablo Picasso, Victor Vasarely, Grandma Moses, Georgia O'Keeffe
and many other artists. In addition, students have been inspired by the work of
the Native American Indians, as they drew animals and created masks.
Winter is creeping it to our artwork as well, as the children paint snowflakes,
create 3-dimensional snowflakes, paint winter landscapes and create winter
wonderlands. We have been using oil pastels, chalk pastels, and tempera paint
to add winter details to our work.
Art students have also been learning techniques in printmaking and using
brayers to roll ink onto styrofoam "blocks". In addition, we are exploring
the aspects of positive and negative space in our world and in our artwork.
Thank you for sharing your children with us! They continue to amaze us as they
problem solve and create amazing works of art. Please remember on your art
day to, "DRESS FOR A MESS"!
Mrs. Hemendinger and Mrs.Gauthier
Library News:
3rd – 5th graders are participating in the RI Children’s Book Award program. We
are reading and doing projects based on the 2013 nominees. For more
information on this program go to the RICBA website:
1st –2nd graders are reading and discussing books about winter and December
holidays. Starting in January, we will be doing author studies. 1st graders will
be learning about Tomie dePaola and his books and 2nd graders will be learning
about Patricia Polacco and her books. We are continuing to learn about
libraries and how they are organized. We are using the five finger rule to find
books that are just right for us!We are beginning to use the computers during
our Library Media classes.
Reminder: students in 1st – 5th grade will check-out and return books on the day
of their Library Media class. 1st- 3rdgraders may check-out one book at a time.
4th and 5th graders may check-out two books at a time. Damaged or lost books
must be paid for.
For helpful websites when you are doing your homework, go to the Tiogue
Library Media Center website: and click on “Tiogue School
Happy holidays!
Ms. Wolk
Music News:
In music class, kindergarteners have music class once every week this year and
are learning the basics of note reading. They’re almost finished studying the
parts of a note and will soon be studying the concept of steady musical beats
and how to correctly perform and count them. This provides students the
foundation of playing different note types extremely accurately. This is essential
in a large keyboard ensemble setting.
First graders are currently reviewing and developing their beat feet/counting
skills and will soon be getting practice in ensemble playing by being able to
correctly stop their music together at a musical stop sign (called a double bar
line). In the near future, they’ll be playing different note types on the keyboard
in a large group setting.
Second graders have been reviewing playing musical heartbeats on keyboards
together in a large ensemble setting. They’ve been reviewing how to stop those
musical heartbeats together at exactly the same time by executing precise
stopping techniques at the double bar line. Now they’re reviewing “time
signatures” and will be reviewing exactly how to count and perform different
note types on the keyboards.
Third graders are currently reviewing line and space recognition skills and will
soon be developing skills in reading and performing grand staff musical notation
on the keyboard. (All keyboard music is written on the grand staff. Reading
music is an extremely important part of all music students’ future musical
Fourth graders are starting or are almost ready to start memorizing 28 notes on
the grand staff. This will open the door to music performance, music theory and
analysis, improvisation theory, and composition. Because music is performed in
a continuum of time, reading printed music on the grand staff allows a student to
study music that’s been virtually “frozen in time.” This allows a thorough
understanding of the music being played because it can be studied and
analyzed to an extensive degree.
Fifth graders are reviewing grand staff notation and will soon be playing pieces
on the keyboard. They will be studying music theory extensively. Through
music theory, they’ll be learning the principles of the creative musical process in
other people’s music, and applying these principles in their own original music.
We’ll be starting these foundational, creative processes in improvisation quite
soon. Developing the creative musical process is by far the most enjoyable in
all musical understandings. I’m looking forward to a great year!
John Buchanan
Music Teacher
Physical Education:
We are getting ready to enter our second trimester in physical education.
Students recently completed the FitnessGram fitness testing. All students gave
a great effort! Please try to encourage your children to stay active outside of
school on a regular basis.
Students are currently participating in our unit of kick ball related activities,
including kick and run, mat ball, and anything goes. These games focus on
developing students’ kicking and running skills.
Gymnastics is our next unit, which includes floor exercise, balance beam,
vaulting, and uneven and parallel bars. After this three week unit, students will
begin our floor hockey unit
In addition to these more traditional activities, students also have the
opportunity to participate in engaging activities such as Dance, Dance,
Revolution (DDR), climbing our rock wall, and other fun fitness activities.
Mrs. Alicia DelSanto
Meet our new Tiogue Timberwolf mascot, “Brave.”
P.B.I.S. News:
The PBIS (positive behavior interventions and supports) program at Tiogue
School is doing great. Our Tiogue Timberwolves mascot named “BRAVE” is
proudly displayed in the front foyer and we are happy to say that we have given
over 7,300 BRAVE Bucks so far this year. Students’ names are displayed on a
puzzle piece on our bulletin board for following our expectations; Be Kind;
Responsible Behavior; Always Ready to Learn; Value Self and Others; and
Everybody Is Somebody at Tiogue School. The students have embraced our
new mascot and they are earning their bracelets. The Kindness Chains are
being linked together in the classrooms. Our Universal Team is reviewing our
SWIS behavior data and creating interventions as they are needed. Please
remind your children to follow the BRAVE rules in all places.
Our weekly raffle winners on BRAVE Thursdays continue to enjoy their
incentives of extra art or gym, school store certificate, lunch or special time with
a teacher or Mrs. Seitsinger, and/or time with Mackenzie.
The P.B.I.S. Universal Team continues to meet monthly to review the program,
make modifications, and develop plans to support the school environment. In
addition, some members of the RTI Team and Universal.
Teams are facilitating skill building interventions in classrooms and they are
developing individual plans for students to help them be more successful at
We hope that you all have had a chance to review our BRAVE Home Matrix that
was sent home with your child’s Progress Report. It is very easy to set up a
similar positive behavioral expectation program at home following our BRAVE
rules. We have found here at Tiogue that the use of our common positive
language has helped to foster a more positive learning environment.
Mrs. Jeanne Bazelak, LICSW
Universal PBIS Coach
***Here is some additional information regarding our BRAVE rules
posted in various common areas around our school: ***
 Playground : Invite others to join you and play fairly; Use equipment
safely; dress for the weather; Listen to assistants; Follow directions
 Hallways: Smile; Help others who need assistance; Stay in line; Respect
“Quiet Zone,” Stay to the Right
 Arrival/Dismissal: Use kind words; Wait patiently and listen to the Safety
Patrol; Have homework and supplies ready; Keep a positive attitude and
respect personal space
 Bathroom: Wait patiently and use quiet voices; Flush toilet; be neat; wash
hands; Be quick and return to class; Respect privacy
Tips On Gift –Giving and Receiving
With the major holidays approaching, parents face two challenges: first, how to find the perfect
presents for their children- the gifts that will be loved for years, not just hours- and perhaps more
importantly, how to make sure their children are kind and grateful recipients, no matter what they get.
Here are some ideas to try:
Teach them what they’re thanking people for. What your children need to learn is that the thanks
they give isn’t necessarily for what is in the box – it’s for the effort and caring that went into it. Their
thanks needs to show that they recognize that someone cared enough to select a present just for them,
pay for it, wrap it, and bring it to them.
Understand that disappointment is part of life. It’s a guarantee that at some point your child is
going to receive something that he or she doesn’t like or want. Explain this to your child ahead of
time. Laugh about some gifts you’ve received that were unusual.
When to write thanks, when to say thanks. Let your children know that if a relative or friend is in
the room when they open their present, that a sincere face-to-face thank you is great. For everyone
else, a thank you note is an absolute must.
When they’re the “giver.” One of the best ways to help children realize the significance of giving is
to make sure they spend time finding and wrapping the gifts they give to others. Give them odd jobs to
help them earn the money to buy gifts. Help them get excited about choosing just the right gift for
each person.
Give to others. Help your children help those less fortunate. Save money for charity bell-ringers,
adopt a less fortunate child through anonymous giving programs, or work in a local food kitchen.
Show your children that giving is more rewarding than receiving.
Give gifts that expand their interests. Among the best gifts for children are things that introduce
them to new activities: origami, tie dying, model planes or cars, scrap booking, photography, cooking,
crafts, or basic woodworking.
Look for presents that have them stay active. Any kind of sports equipment helps kids have fun and
get exercise. Either give the child something you know he or she wants and needs (a new baseball
glove), or introduce him or her to a brand new sport (tennis racket and balls).
Practical gifts can be fun, too. A sleeping bag for overnights, or a small overnight bag or suitcase
can be wonderful presents. Look for designs that will appeal to the child for years to come.
Spin the wheel, roll the dice, and deal the cards. Card and board games are classics for a reason –
they have been fun to play for decades. Look for games that children can play with just one or two
others, as well as those that are for family-sized groups.
Open up to books. When you give a child a book, you are giving both of you a present. Younger
children will enjoy the time they get to spend reading it with you. Older kids will be quietly building
their reading skills and vocabulary, as well as their imaginations.
If you’re really stumped about gift-giving, talk to friends or a relative who have children slightly older
than yours. Ask what gifts their children really played with –gifts that lasted in appeal long after the
“newness” wore off.
*Parent Tip of the Month:
Teach your child to be positive and enjoy life. Some things just are not
worth getting upset over. Help him/her to keep everything in perspective
and focus on the good in his/her life.
*From “The Essential 55” Ron Clark
Tiogue Parent List Serv Update:
Our Parent list serv has been finalized and there is also a way for parents to go to our
website to add their e-mail address if they have not done so earlier this year. Please look for
that information on our webpage.
Hooray for conserving paper and helping our environment!
If you should need a form for the list serv please call our office or e-mail me. Thank
you. 
December, 2012
Dates to Remember
Saturday, December 1, 2012
P.T.A. North Pole Continental Breakfast
Monday, December 3, 2012
First Trimester Ends
Holiday Concert (Gr. 4 & 5 Band) - CHS
Wednesday, December 5, 2012
S.I.T. Mtg.
P.T.A. Meeting
Thursday, December 6, 13, 20, 2012
P.T.A. Holiday Shop
Saturday, December 8, 2012
Hanukkah begins at sundown
Tuesday, December 11, 2012
LifeTouch Pictures – Make Ups
Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Report Cards Go Home
Navy Band Performance Gr. K-5
Friday, December 14, 2012
P.T.A. Polar Express Gr. 3 – Mrs. Seitsinger
P.T.A. Popcorn Day
Friday, December 21, 2012
Winter Begins
Saturday, December 22 – Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Holiday Recess
Upcoming Dates:
January, 2013
Tuesday, January 2, 2013
Return from Holiday Recess
PTA Meeting
Friday, January 4, 2013
N.E. Family Martial Arts Anti-Bullying
Presentation Gr. K-5
Monday, January 7- 11, 2013
Winter Screenings – Gr. K-5
Tuesday, January 15, 2013
PTA Popcorn Day
Monday, January 21 , 2013
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Thursday, January 24, 2013
2nd Mid- Trimester Ends
Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Mid-Trimester Reports Go Home
February, 2013
Monday, February 4, 2013
2nd Mid-Trimester Reports Go Home
Wednesday, February 6, 2013
PTA Meeting
E-Mail Mrs. Seitsinger: 
[email protected]