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Dr. Toscano
Edward Isenhour
Project 2 – Flyer
Listed below are the various explanations for each designed section as it relates to the Flyer. I have
outlined in detailed each action I took in order to gain full credit for this week’s assignment. The
dominant element that I put the most emphases on is “Visual Perception”. In order to establish a
visual focal point, I captured a colorful and eye catching image and positioned it in the center of the
flyer. I also surrounded the image with creditable content that is relevant to the type of company that
is illustrated by the flyer.
I designed this flyer for an audience of computer users that have or may encounter some sort of
computer issue and may need assistance is fixing those issues. This company has dedicated,
knowledgeable, and certified employees that service a wide range of computer users while providing
onsite service for family homes, college students and small business users.
Flyer Location:
The flyer will be placed in high traffic locations such as “pin-up” boards in the various college builds,
surrounding apartment complexes and I will even drive from house-to-house and slip one in the
The content’s style and font used in the creation of the flyer is detailed below:
Font type/size:
 Header Test: Arial Black – 30pt, Color – Blue fade, Effect – Shadowing
 Services Provided Test: Eras Demi ITC – 14pt, Color – Blue
 Text above/under logo: Chiller – 20pt, Color – Red
Contact Info:
 Phone numbers: Eras Demi ITC – 24pt, Color – Blue
 Address: Arial black – 10.5pt, Color – Black
 Email: Arial black – 10.5pt, Color – Black
 Sick Computer:
Microsoft Certifications:
March 7, 2016
Estimated Cost
I expect the flyer to cost $449.92 and that includes the designing of the flyer by an independent
company as well has having it printed out from the local office supply store.
Design Charge: 150.00 (3 hr. x $50.00)
500 Sheets - $299.98
Design Choices
My flyer communicates its overall message through visual perception by way of the large image in the
middle of the page. The image of a “Sick Computer” informs the recipient of this flyer that all services
available are directed towards helping individuals with a sick or non-working computer. I emphasized two
key phrases in red and placed them above and below the image with the intent of depicting a strong
message of authority to the customer. I also added three distinct logos that are widely creditable
throughout the technology world, the Microsoft Certifications and the BBB (better business bureau).
Ethos is represented greatly in this project by the various logos that are placed at the bottom of the
flyer. These logos give the organization creditability because of the extensive knowledge one must
obtain in order to receive such certification. By having the “BBB” (better business Bureau) logo on
the flyer, it further illustrates the creditability of services provided because individuals can go out to
the BBB website and retrieve user reviews for services performed.
Microsoft Certifications logos
 CompTIA
 MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional)
Accreditation with the “Better Business Bureau”
Pathos is appealing to ones emotions by invoking emotional response, what’s more emotional than
an image of a sick computer crying. I captured this particular logo so that when an individual looks
at it, they instantly feel a small bit of emotional attachment with the hope that they will associate all
of their computer needs with this flyer.
The Logos definition means to appeals to logic or facts, so I designed this flyer in a way so that it
provides a clear cut fact. The fact presented to the customer is in bright red letters below the center
image and it reads, “If you’re not satisfied, you don’t pay”.
Software Used:
Adobe Photoshop
I used this software to accurately capture all images as well as the blending of the blue
Adobe InDesign
I used this software as a template which helped me organize the flyer.