Accompanist Job Description Canton First Baptist Church The

Accompanist Job Description
Canton First Baptist Church
The professional mission and purpose of the accompanist is to:
Foremost, the accompanist must be a devoted follower of Jesus Christ.
The Love of Christ should be clearly evident as the Accompanist
enthusiastically contributes to the worship life of the congregation through
beauty and artistry created at the piano. S/he must be an excellent pianist
with comfort and ability to perform a variety of musical styles from classical
to contemporary music. S/he is expected to sight read proficiently for choral
rehearsals, modulate hymns to new keys (as written or not), expand the
accompaniment for congregational singing beyond the written page, and be
actively creative in the approach to each worship service. The accompanist
will work closely with the Minister of Music and the ministry team to
develop and present a vibrant and worshipful musical experience. Organ
experience though not a requirement would be helpful.
I. Duties
Contribute to the worship life of Canton First Baptist by:
1. Select varied, appropriate music for each service in consultation with the
Minister of Music.
2. Thoroughly prepare all musical selections to enhance personal and
congregational worship. A minimum of three hours weekly practice is
expected outside of the regularly scheduled corporate rehearsal-time.
3. Creatively accompany congregational singing through a variety of sounds
and style at the piano.
4. Collaborate with the Minister of Music and worship team to cultivate
creative moments in worship.
Accompany the Choir and Soloists
1. Prepare for and attend all rehearsals (adult choir, praise and worship team,
instrumental ensembles).
2. Support and assist the work of the Minister of Music, particularly with the
Sanctuary Choir.
3. Accompany soloists and small groups as needed.
4. Prepare music with the organist and other instrumentalists to enhance
worship throughout the year.
II. Accountability
The accompanist will be accountable to the Minister of Music. The Pastor
and personnel committee will also provide support, guidance and an annual
formal job evaluation.
III. Work Week and Time Away
This is a part-time ministry position within the church. The accompanist is to
play for all the worship services and events within the life of the church
including, but not limited to, Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings and special
services for Holy Week, Thanksgiving, Advent (including the Christmas
Cantata), Christmas Eve (Christmas Day when it falls on Sunday), and VBS.
S/he will also rehearse weekly on Wednesday nights (or as arranged) with
the adult choir. During times when the choir is in recess, s/he will provide
keyboard support for soloists or other appropriate music as scheduled by the
Minister of Music. accompanist will be granted 2 weeks paid vacation
annually. One week may be taken after a full six months of employment and
a second week after completion of one full year of service (covering one
Wednesday and one Sunday per week of vacation). Vacation may not be
taken for Holy Week, Easter, Advent, or Christmas Eve. Vacation is not
subject to carry-over beyond the current year. In the event of any absence, it
is the responsibility of the accompanist to consult with the Minister of Music
and to secure a proficient substitute from an approved substitute list.
IV. Compensation & Benefits
The accompanist will receive an annual salary, payment twice a month. Pay
will be reviewed each year in accordance with financial budget planning and
personnel policy. Compensation will be discussed by the candidate and the
personnel committee and will be commensurate with experience and ability.
Basic outline of weekly duties
Wednesday 6:30pm-9:30pm (Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal)
Sunday 8:30am-12:30pm (11am Worship) & 5:00pm-8:00pm (Evening
The accompanist will be permitted to use the church facilities for practice.
Times for practice must be arranged in advance with the Minister of Music.
The accompanist is expected to be available for weddings and funerals and
will have first right of refusal for any weddings and funerals held within the
church (when the family of the event does not have someone already in
mind). Any compensation for such special services will be arranged by the
parties involved as they arise.