AYC FAQs Rule #3

Topic – Rules # 3
OCTOBER 1, 2013
Question: I know my red team cannot do a one leg show n’ go in a partner stunt but can they do one
in a pyramid where they are braced on both sides?
Answer: Yes, in this instance it would be legal if they make the connection before the one leg passes
through the extended position.
Question: We are doing a backward and a forward suspended roll in our routine. How many bases or
posts do we need in each to make it legal?
Answer: FED 2.5.3 b & exception – In a forward suspended roll two bases or two posts control the
flyer in suspended forward or backward roll with continuous hand to hand/arm contact to a stunt, two
person cradle, loading position or performing surface.
Exception – One base or post may control the top person in a suspended FORWARD roll/flip
with continuous hands-to-hands contact to a two person cradle.
Therefore, in a backward suspended roll you must have 2 bases or posts controlling the top person.
In a forward suspended roll to a two person cradle, you may have only one base or post.
Question: In my Blue pyramid we are flipping. A) Can we have the flyer flip and twist? B) Can one
brace hold both arms of the flyer and flip her? C) We are a small team of 8, can two shoulder sits
brace a flip?
Answer: FED 2.5.4 – A) 2.5.4.e No, the flyer cannot twist B & C) 2.5.4.b No, flyer must be
braced on both sides by bracers in preps with a spotter. However, AYC rules state a flyer in a braced
flip must be braced by a flyer in a prep OR the rotating flyers base.
Question: We are doing a cartwheel out of a stunt at prep level. Is this legal?
Answer: AYC - You can do inverted stunts in the red or blue division. FED 2.5.2.a.3 - The top
person cannot go to an inversion on the performance floor from a prep position. The flyer must be
assisted to the performance floor by two bases protecting the head/shoulders. See photo 2-5-2a pg
44. To clarify further, the flyers hands cannot go directly to the performance floor from a prep
position. Below prep level, the flyer can go directly to the floor from an inversion.
Question: Does my prep level hitch stunt need a backspot in white?
Answer: A hitch stunt is considered a prep level stunt. Please refer to the chart below. This refers
to all skill levels.
When does a prep not require a backspot
When it’s loading.
When it’s just a prep (one person standing in the hands of two others at shoulder level).
When it’s bracing another person who is in contact with their own bases.
When it’s “bumping down”.
When it’s dismounting using a “pencil drop” where the bases assist the landing to the feet.
When it’s dismounting with a 360 reload where the base holds the foot during the twist down.
When does a prep require a backspot?
When it is cradling.
When it extends.
When it’s bracing a top person who is released from her bases.
When it’s bracing a flip, whether the top person in the flip releases from her bases or not
Question: Can we do paperdolls in liberties in the blue division?
Answer: Paperdolls (all stunts in same position) are legal in extensions.
FED 2.6.3 - One leg extensions must be braced by prep level stunts. Therefore, they would not be
Question: My team has trouble doing pyramids. Can we choose not to put one in our routine? Will
we be deducted?
Answer: First, please make sure to read and study all four judges score sheets found on MYAYF,
under CHEER RESOURCES. Each category has a point value. For any category where that skill is
not attempted, the team will receive a score of 0. For example, the category of pyramids has a value
of 10 points. There are 5 points for difficulty and 5 points for execution. If you do not attempt to
connect in a pyramid you will not receive a deduction BUT you will have lost out on a possible 10
points. We suggest you study each score sheet carefully. Then you can review your routine to make
sure all required elements are included.
Question: In a forward suspended roll, a) can my back spot hold both hands of the flyer and brace
the flip? b) can my flyer flip backwards?
Answer: Yes both of these scenarios are legal in a double based suspended roll. CLARIFICATION –
b) yes your flyer can flip backwards, backward suspended rolls are legal but must be braced by two
bases or posts
Question: In White can we ½ twist up? In Red can we full up? In blue, can we double?
Answer: Maximum Twisting Allowed
White – ¼ twist load and ¼ twist dismount
Red – ½ twist load and full twist dismount
Blue – full twist load and double twist dismount (two legs) single twist (one leg)
Question: In a braced flip in blue, do all of the original bases need to catch the flyer?
Answer: FED 2.5.4.c - If the flyer is ending in a cradle, then yes, both original bases and the spotter
must catch the flyer. If the flyer is ending in a stunt position, only one base is required to catch the
flyer with the remaining original bases/spot assisting or spotting the landing.
Question: In a braced flip, can the bracers release the flyer?
Answer: FED 2.5.4.c – When a braced flip ends in a cradle, the bracers may release the top person
once she/he begins to descend and is no longer inverted.
Question: Can my flyer basket toss with poms in her hands?
Answer: FED 2.7.3 d – No, flyers can not hold objects in their hands during a toss.
Question: I have a complicated stunt that I am not sure about? How do I check its legality?
Answer: For technical stunting questions and clarifications, email the AYC Technical Advisory
Committee at [email protected] .