life-work values

Assignment #9
PSP 12DL: Life-Work Values
Our career and life goals are more easily defined when we understand what we value most.
Clarifying our values is an important step in order to focus on where we think we want to direct
our future. The following exercise will help you to narrow in on the type of career that will best
suit your personality/lifestyle.
1. First, read over the entire list of 30 life/work values. Then, circle the seven that
you consider most important to you now and in the foreseeable future.
2. To the side of each selection, state (in point form) WHY this value statement
appeals to you.
Public contact
Day to day contact with many people
Working with a group or team
Help Society
Contribute to a better world
Create new ideas, objects or programs
A relatively secure job and financial security
Fringe Benefits
Health care, pension, vacation
Power and Authority
Control the work activities and possibly the advancement of others
Time Freedom
Own schedule, flexible working hours
Regular Hours
Little overtime or infringement on personal time
Personal Accomplishment
Mastery of a task or problem, produce high quality work
Work Alone
Without much contact of others
Pit your abilities against those of others
Time pressures, demanding interactions and/or little or no margin of error
Financial Reward
Able to make a lot of money
Impress or gain respect because of your career
Be clearly recognized for the quality of your work; told when you do a good job
Physical Environment
Pleasant, comfortable job environment
Ethics/Moral Values
Values and concerns are reinforced in the work setting
Stability and Routine
Routine duties are largely predictable and unlikely to change over time
Determine nature of own work without much direction from others
Help Others
Directly, one on one or in small groups
Develop friendships with co-workers
Chance to raise or enhance position
Be seen as an expert in your field
Opportunity to travel locally or further afield as part of your work
Physical Activity
Using physical effort and/or moving around
Intellectual Stimulation
Using mental facilities, intellectual challenge
Finally, rank the order of importance of your choices from 1 - 7. Use this information
to formulate a vision of what you value in a future career. Record it below.