16. CWA Evaluation Criterion

Evaluation Criterion
Information Needed
The extent, and quality, to which the subcategories of
NPS pollution are identified and described.
CWA 319 subcategories of NPS pollution- need detailed description of which
subcategories are impacted with a description of what these impacts are on the
The extent, and quality, to which the water quality
problems or threats to be addressed are identified and
The extent, and quality, to which the goals and
objectives of the project specifically identify the project
location and activities to be implemented.
 Agriculture Farming and livestock production
 Silviculture or forest management
 Construction Runoff
 Urban Runoff
 Resource Extraction/Exploration/Development
 Land Disposal
 Hydrologic Modification
 Channelizaton
 Dam Construction
 Riparian Modification Flow Regulation/Modification
 Other: Natural Conditions
What assessments have been done to justify the project? This helps us establish
the need for the project and provide for pre and post testing of the project for
evaluation purposes.
What are the goals and objectives of the project in SMART terms? The ESA goals
and objectives were kind of nebulous.
1. Specific – Objectives should specify what they want to achieve.
2. Measurable – You should be able to measure whether you are meeting the
objectives or not.
3. Achievable - Are the objectives you set, achievable and attainable?
4. Realistic – Can you realistically achieve the objectives with the resources
you have?
5. Time – When do you want to achieve the set objectives?
The extent to which significant water quality benefits
will be achieved as a result of the project.
What specific benefits will there be to fish and wildlife, the Russian River, the
reservation and people. What benefits will accrue?
The adequacy and specificity of the budget in relation
to each work plan component/task.
The budget was a little weak and did not tie back well to the work plan, the goals
and objectives, and did not include a cost-benefit analysis. The justification needed
The level of detail in relation to the schedule for
achieving the activities identified in the work plan.
additional detail. The Gantt Chart will help but detail will need to be documented. I
also need more information on the who, what, where, when, and how of the work
activities performed, what their respective roles are etc.
We will use a Gantt chart this time. This should tie in much of the detail. This will
tie the goals and objectives, the work plan, the budget, deliverables and evaluation
criteria all together.
The extent and quality to which the roles and
responsibilities of the recipient and project partners in
carrying out the proposed work plan activities are
specifically identified.
The Project Manager is Tom Keegan (I assume). Are there strategic partners?
Who will work with DEP on this project?
The extent and quality to which the performance
evaluation process meets each of the following subcriteria:
 Extent and quality to which the proposal
demonstrates potential environmental results
 Extent and quality to which the proposal
demonstrates a sound plan for measuring and
tracking progress toward achieving the expected
outputs and outcomes
 Extent and quality to which the applicant
adequately documented and/or reported on
progress towards achieving the expected results
What are the outputs (Outputs are the direct products of a program’s activities.
They are usually measured in terms of the volume of work accomplished) and
outcomes (The ultimate impact you hope to achieve with the proposed project.
Outcomes should be quantifiable measures or indicators and identified in terms of
the change).
What performance indicators does the tribe want to declare for this project? What
are the expected results in concrete, scientific terms?
What data will be tracked to measure progress including pre and post testing?
The extent and quality to which the proposal
addresses one of the following four factors.
 The proposal develops a watershed-based plan
and implements a watershed-based Plan.
 The proposal develops a watershed-based plan
and implements a watershed project (that does
not implement a watershed-based plan).
 The proposal implements a watershed-based
 The proposal implements a watershed project that
is a significant step towards solving NPS
impairments or threats on a watershed-wide
Which factor are we addressing?
How well did we do in previous 319 funding?