Literature Lesson "Barrio Boy"

EIS 303/304 Lesson Plan
Spring 2012
Your Name: Jenni Mitchell
Mentor’s Name: Mrs. Courson
Date of Lesson: 11/15/12
Course/Class: Literature
Lesson Topic: “Barrio Boy” by Ernesto Galarza
Grade Level: 7
Time: 9:36-10:21
ILLINOIS LEARNING STANDARDS: Identify the standards addressed in your lesson plan.
RL: 1. Cite several pieces of textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as
inferences drawn from the text.
RL: 2. Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the
text; provide an objective summary of the text.
List your objectives,
beginning with a verb that
is observable and
Describe the assessment and explain its
usefulness in measuring individual
student learning. Attach a copy of
Students will read
through Barrio Boy,
finishing the story in this
class period.
I will use independent, partner, and
whole class participation strategies to
play a game called, “stump the
teacher.” Students will have to read a
certain amount of pages in a specified
amount of time (there will be plenty
of time to do so.) They will then be
allowed to ask questions before I
begin asking questions to them.
I will use discussion, asking students
to get into small groups. I will walk
around the room, checking on the
discussions to be sure that all
members are participating. I will also
ask questions at each group to ensure
Students will discuss and
correctly answer 3/5 of
the discussion questions
given, citing examples
from the text.
Explain why you selected this
method of assessment and its
alignment with the objectives.
the assessment and grading
The point of the game is to see
whether or not they are able to
think critically in an effort to
“stump” me, and with my questions
I can see whether or not they have
read the text. My questions will
focus more on discussion than theirs
will, I assume.
All assessments are informal in this
lesson because we will be reading
another story to coincide with this
one, and students need to have an
understanding of one before we
move on to the next. Students will
have heard the questions and seen
them on the board, so I am applying
to multiple means of representation.
They will discuss in small groups so
that I can check for understanding
on a smaller scale and help them to
become confident in the answers
they have discussed before bringing
them into a large group setting.
List everything you need to teach this class. Your actual instructional materials, i.e., lecture notes, PowerPoint,
maps, supplementary material, etc. must be included. Attach to your lesson plan where applicable and note
where used within your lesson plan.
Materials, Technology, Other Resources Needed
“Barrio Boy”, Smart Board, discussion questions, timer/stop watch
Define in detail the two or more strategies you plan to use. Explain the rationale for each strategy. It should take
into consideration students’ age, ability, needs, etc. Ask yourself, what is the best way to teach this lesson
content to these students?
Large and Small Group Discussion
Independent Reading
Rationale for strategy
Students will become confident in their reviewed answers as they
progress through small group work. When they are then asked to
present their ideas in large group discussion, they will have
already been validated in small group, and students will feel
Students have already read the first page of the story. They will
reread this page in independent reading. The next pages will be
done in group work. I chose this page for the sake of time. Since
the students have already read it once, it should go more
smoothly, and we will save time, but the students will still be
focused on comprehension of that page on their own.
Consider what happens before you start your lesson or before the “bell” rings. What duties are you responsible
for? Will you greet your students? How and where? Are there routines and procedures already in place or will
you plan something?
I will have the book opened and the page number written on the board for students to get their books out and
be ready to begin. I will also have discussion questions written out and ready. I will greet my students at the
door, as always.
Classroom procedures
* Introduce the
lesson. Establish
yourself as the
Students will greet the teacher at the door
and continue to their seats in the
Teacher will greet students and summarize
the lesson for the day.
Instructional Details
Mrs. Courson will take attendance during
this time.
Teacher will then begin class by
welcoming everyone and giving a brief
summary and slight review.
YOU start the class!
Approx. 5 min
(approximate time)
Discuss with your mentor any
accommodations/modifications necessary for ALL
students’ success.
Provide clear and
detailed instructions
enabling a third
party to use this
lesson plan. Detail
all procedures for
the instructional
strategies. Detail all
questions for
discussion, provide
full examples, etc.
Students will open their books.
I will give instructions.
Students will begin reading silently.
We will discuss, which means that all
students will listen to one another and
respect opinions, beliefs and ideas. All of
these expectations have been previously
laid out for students.
I will read the first paragraph of the story
before giving the instructions on what we
will be doing. We will read until everyone
has finished the first page (about 5-7 min),
then it is time for students to ask me
questions about the story for 2 min in an
effort to stump me. Once their time is up, it
is my turn to ask the questions for 2 min.
Students will then read in pairs
(predetermined) and we will repeat the four
minutes of questioning. The remainder of
the story will be read in a large group, and
the same discussion process will be used.
Repeat until finished with story.
(approximate time)
Students will pack their things and sit
the class. Provide
quietly until the bell rings as I tell them
opportunity for
what to expect tomorrow.
student feedback,
key point summary,
time for Q & A, and
clear links to next
(approximate time)
Discuss with your mentor any
accommodations/modifications necessary for ALL
students’ success
I will send the students off with a positive
goodbye, and be sure not to be yelling last
minute reminders as they rush into the
Discuss with your mentor any
accommodations/modifications necessary for ALL
students’ success