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Dawnii – 6 sheets – Retro Ladies - Each sheet has a feature lady in Dawnii’s unique style – Madonna, Gypsy, Nurse, Pirate, Lady Luck etc, surrounded by elegant
quirky smaller pieces such as pistols and crowns, birds, hearts and anchors, ships, skulls, gramophone, telephone, perfume bottles and a nice cup of tea! Muted colours
with one sheet in black and grey shade.
Kheaw Ubon – 7 sheets – Thai, Blue Border – Stunning new artwork from Thailand. Each sheet has a reduced full colour backpiece easily adaptable for elsewhere,
featuring dynamic images of demons and gods including Naga, the serpent deity and Hanuman the monkey god, also pencil studies of heads of Yaksha, the demon
guardians as seen on temples etc.
Kheaw Ubon – 7 sheets – Thai, Brown Border – More reduced size backpieces in colour and black and grey, including Hanuman, dragons and serpents, and other
celestial beings. Also pencil studies of contorted menacing demons, and softer depictions of Buddha with lotuses etc. Powerful yet elegant and ornate.
Kheaw Ubon – 7 sheets – Thai, Green Border – Beautiful gods, demons, creatures (squirrel, bird, fish, snakes etc) depicted in half sleeves and chest pieces, useful for
anywhere, with strong dark shade and water backgrounds. Circular demon face shields and also individual butterflies and flowers in distinctive ornate Thai style.
Kevin Hughes – 7 sheets – Fish in Colour – Very useful collection of variety of types of ornamental fish in different attitudes. Pretty colours and well designed with
varied backgrounds of flowers, leaves, water effects etc. Great for male or female, stand alone pieces or will fit in with a range of styles of work. Medium to large
Jason Butler – 7 sheets – Dark and Bold - Strong designs in various themes– religious (burning bibles, praying hands) undead romance (coffins, cameos), seafaring
(ships, anchors, swallows), winged hourglasses, love letters and zombie girlfriends, elegant owls, books, inkwells and candles, masked skulls. Lots in this set, presented
in a confident colourful style.
Bullet BG – 7 sheets – Angels – Brand new and exclusive set showcasing Bullet’s extraordinary talent for black and grey – a unique take on the popular angel theme.
Cherubs merged with death head, or sleeping in a rose, wounded angels with vivid red splashes, haunted dark angels and triumphant statuesque angels. Sexy angels,
and peaceful angels of freedom.
Bullet BG – 7 sheets – Horror – Varied images all with a disturbing or horrific leaning. Evil clowns, voodoo dolls, wolf’s eye, blood-lusting un-dead, beautiful but dark
spirit faces, sphinx with hairless cat. From the master of black and grey shade. All large designs.
Bullet BG – 7 sheets – Oriental - Brand new and exclusive set in signature black and grey shade. Beautiful eastern girls with flowing birds, samurai and masks,
dragons, koi fish and Buddha. A spiritual set with a touch of bondage. Stunning Ganesha design and a pensive beauty with a peacock feather. All large flowing
Heather Bradley – 7 sheets – Koi Collection - Loads of koi carp in all sorts of poses and positions. Varied colours with gold, orange, black and red, black and grey
shade. Arranged with flowers, skulls, fans, dragonflies, shells and butterflies, all with grey shade water effects. Four larger pieces with pairs of koi arranged for sleeves,
others are medium sized.
Joolz Denby – 7 sheets - Various – Mixed set ranging in style and content but all in Joolz’s distinctive hand. Oriental style blossoms and flowers, music themes of
chicks and guitars, pagan pieces with Green Woman and Man, cave painting style Herne figures, mystic hands and butterflies, fairies, trees, ravens and crowns, strong
skulls and scripts in the New Model Army style.
Ben Nuthink – 6 sheets – Old/New School – Bright, bold, colourful, fun designs with clear outlines and strong block colours. Re-visiting roses, snakes, daggers,
panthers, swallows and owls with a bright modern aesthetic. All sorts of little pumpkins, diamonds, skulls, and flaming eyeballs on the side, and a cracking optical
illusion four-eyed demon.
James Hardman – 7 sheets – Bad Dreams - Weird and wonderful fantasy creatures such as the skeletal man-dragonfly, moths, spiders and bats with disturbing
features. Macabre moons glow over nightmarish sea creatures and a memorable screaming baby. Creatures to suit the disturbed imagination yet in a restrained elegant
understated style. Black and grey.
Traci Wilson – 6 sheets – Ornamental flowers – a variety of softly shaded blooms set with ornamental line work and quite bold, blocky background colours. An
unusual style mixing the pastel coloured flowers with more graphic style colouring. Variety of sizes including smaller pieces with butterflies and stars.
Traci Wilson – 6 sheets – Oriental Nature – Beautiful shaded pieces featuring flowers, blossom, butterflies and dragonflies in soft subtle colours, set in very well
designed Japanese style grey shading of water and smoke effects. Delicate pieces which offer a more feminine version of popular Jap themes.
Ross Grant – 7 sheets – Morbid New School – Strange collection of contorted skulls, mutilated bodies and blood soaked creations with an elegant Victorian feel.
Grotesque weird animals and skulls plus some demonic pieces of devil worship. Flies, severed heads, poison bottles, a creepy Medusa and Satan’s steed. Muted colour
Ross Grant – 7 sheets – Traditional designs with a new spin - Strange animal depictions, guns, skulls, an evil bear and some really evil sharks. Dismembered body
parts, bold dark roses, eagles and snakes all with a gory new school look. An evil rhino, a boxing kangaroo and a blood feasting toucan. Full bright lurid colour.
Michelle Castle – 7 sheets – Fairies and More – A good range of fairies in a variety of styles. Pretty and colourful flower fairies, light and delicate lingerie-clad saucy
fairies, more reflective black and grey fairies. Some are mystical, some mournful, and some are evocative of the 70’s. Accompanied by elves and imps, dragons, and
grumpy gargoyles.
YZ Tattoo – 7 sheets A3 portrait – Mixed – A varied set in the strong style of this talented Chinese artist. Fantastic decorated Tibetan Skulls, pretty women, elephant
heads, and futuristic armoured skulls. A one-sheet backpiece of Buddha with contemplative warriors and dragon sleeves. Very flowing dynamic sheets with some
limited colours.
YZ Tattoo – 7 sheets A3 portrait– Skulls – A stylish set in black and grey - fabulously grotesque geisha skulls, also demonic, melting, chiselled, mutated, intent,
sorrowful and ornate skulls. Very lively sheets in an original style useful as stand alone pieces and also for building into work with flowing surrounding shading,
Adam Caudill – 6 sheets – Old School Pinups – Sexy, saucy, deceptively simple old style naughty ladies with attitude – girls in lingerie, pirate, sailor girls, cave
woman, witch, along with a classic black panther, naïve skulls, devil, anchors, swallows, roses and scrolls, and assorted simple but stylish motifs all in classic old
school style.
Dan Wilson – 6 sheets - New School - A very nice take on popular themes – switch blades and skulls, anchors and ship in a bottle, swallows, roses. Heart locks and
keys, love letters, diamonds and pretty sweethearts – a clear bright style with a gentle new school twist – you get one cherry cupcake, and one with an eyeball and a fly!
Josh Dixon – 6 sheets –Skulls - Ornamented and themed skulls – great variety of styles. Painted skulls with cards, dice and eightball, plain skull wrapped in a colourful
dragon. Samurai and horned skulls, skulls with butterflies, moths and flowers. Skulls in flames, dripping blood and with strong Maori/tribal work. Mainly large but
smaller simpler pieces too.
Neil Sims – 6 sheets – Modern Pinups – Almost comic-book style depictions of lots of saucy, sexy, lovely ladies. Naughty devils and angels, pretty beach babes,
African queens and biker chicks. An up to date Hula girl, badass nun, cowgirl and a medley of fantasy police/nurse/secretary/soldier girls. Clear and brightly coloured.
Neil Sims – 6 sheets – Religious, Light and Dark – Beautiful black and grey shade set with original depictions of Mary, Jesus, Judas and angels, balanced with fantastic
satanic illustrations of the Devil and his host, demons, tortured souls, devil goats etc. Some Hindu deities, Ganesha and Kali, a sheet of Buddha portraits and symbols.
Miss Rie – 7 sheets – Sweet Birdies – Light and pretty set of cute little birds including swallows, swans and humming birds in a happy world of ribbons, hearts and
flowers. Larger pieces of brightly coloured owls, peacocks and princesses, also keys, butterflies, angel wings, sweet little sugar skulls and, of course, a cup cake.
Dusty and Carolyn – 7 sheets – Skulls and Reapers – Good variety of mainly black and grey shade skulls, some reapers with coloured robes. Demonic, character, and
biker style skulls, some are very dark and striking, others a bit more light-hearted. Useful mix of sizes from tiny to half sleeve sized trios of skulls. Dynamic and varied
– use alone or build into ongoing work.
Dusty and Carolyn – 7 sheets – Flower Ornaments - Original and distinctive style of medium to small flowers, and some stars, with blackwork. Some are more
delicate and trailing with dotwork and subtle colours, others are more robust with strong reds and greens. Adaptable and useful to offer a popular theme in a modern,
unusual style.
Scott and Yvette – 7 sheets – Small and Girly – Pretty and small pieces, flower garlands and bands, delicate stars with swirls, star and heart bands. From tiny single
butterflies to butterfly and bow bands, cherries, strawberries and dainty little twiddles. A really packed set full of pieces for ankles, feet, wrists or anywhere else!
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