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Technological Lesson Plans
Mr. Holland
Environment & Ecology
Flashy Fish Lab
Lesson Topic:
Natural Selection
Planning: Reserve Laptop cart, print out copies of the data sheets and discussion questions.
Resources: Teacher Materials: Lap Top Cart, Handout
Student Material: Log in password, pen/pencil
Content: Students will sign out a computer and log into the following web site:
Following the directions on the website students will run a series of 3 simulations in order
to determine the main cause of the differences in color found within the species.
Students will fill out the appropriate information on the data sheets. They will create a
hypothesis, collect and record data and form a conclusion.
Summary: This lesson is designed to introduce students to the scientific method and at the same
time allow them to see natural selection in action.
Homework: Finish the discussion questions
Future Lesson:
Evaluation: Labs will be handed in and graded