Workbook 2 Task 8 - Engineering Drawing, CAD and Design

Task 8
Describe the
documentation required for
particular applications
(such as design briefs,
specification sheets,
request for change orders).
1.Design Briefs
2.Specification Sheets
3.Request for change orders
1. Design briefs
• Instructions stating the following:
What the part is
Market research results
Sales focus
Size of the part
Colour(s) of the part
Features of the part
Life expectancy
Working conditions (water, dust, heat, cold)
Essential elements/parts/functions
Reference to British Standards or other specifications
2. Specification sheets
• These sheets are documents such as:
– British Standards
– Company standards
– Customer requirements
• They may contain information such as:
– Manufacturing processes
– Materials to be used
3. Request for changes or
• These are documents will allow an engineer to
do the following:
• Instigate a change being made to a part, a
model or drawing.
• Assess the require change.
• Acts as a change notification to inform all
necessary personnel that a change has been