Theme 1-From the Beginning of Time

Ahlcon Public School, Mayur Vihar-1, Delhi.
Class: XI
Subject: HISTORY Assignment No. 1
Academic Session: 2015-16
Theme 1 – From the Beginning of Time (Questions marked with an ** are to be done for
1. ** Explain why early discoveries of fossils and other finds were met with doubt by some
2. ** Enumerate the differences between primates, hominoids and hominids. Were there
any similarities between them? Explain.(Write answer under appropriate headings)
3. Describe the chief features of hominids.
4. State the advantages that bi-pedalism gave to early humans.
5. ** Explain the impact of changes in climate and vegetation upon Australopithecus.
6. **Examine the information we have about the species of Homo (Include names of
various species, geographical location, age, characteristic features).
7. ** With the help of diagrams, explain the chief features of the two most commonly
accepted theories of human origin.
8. ** Describe the story of human evolution that can be seen in ways of acquiring food.
9. What are artifacts? Explain how we come to know about the habitation of early man.
10. What was the significance of the discovery of hearths in early human habitation sites?
11. Explain the ‘punch blade’ technique of tool-making.
12. ** Examine the various theories about when spoken language emerged.
13. ** What could have been the reasons for the making of cave paintings by early man?
14. With reference to language and art, describe how early modes of communication
15. Define the following terms – fossil, primates, hominoid, hominid, genus, anthropology,
16. ** Hunter-gatherer societies of the present have been compared to those of the past.
Examine the views put forward by historians on this issue.
17. Examine the major developments and changes in the environment and in human
evolution which resulted in the growth of towns and cities.
18. Which area came to be known as the ‘Fertile Crescent’? Why?
19. ** On a political map of Africa (pg.14), shade & label - East African Rift Valley, mark
and label Olduvai Gorge, Laetoli.
20. ** On a political map of Europe (pg.18), mark & label Boxgrove (UK), Altamira (Spain),
Lascoux, Terra Amata, Lazaret Cave (France), Neander Valley, Heidelberg and
Schoningen (Germany), Dolni Vestonice (Czech Republic).
NOTE: Map work will be done using a sharpened lead pencil; while labeling on the map,
joined handwriting is not allowed; always write the title of the map on the map itself;
make a key on the map where required.