Ch 5 RNO

Biology Reading Notes Outline
Chapter 5: Populations
Period: _________ Date: _____________
Read Chapter 5. As you do so, take notes on the following topics on a separate piece of
notebook paper. You will have to study these for tests, so do not just “answer” the topic
questions below- write out the info in an outline format that contains the detail needed to
understand what the topic is and what it means. Leave space between each topic so you can
add to the notes during in-class lectures.
Ch. 5.1- How Populations Grow
1. What is a population? (from Chapter 3)
2. List and describe the (4) characteristics of a population that are studied by researchers.
3. What factors affect population growth?
a. Define immigration:
b. Define emigration:
4. What does it mean when a population grows exponentially?
a. Discuss three situations under which this may happen.
5. Describe the 3 phases of growth
6. What is logistic growth and what shape is a logistic growth curve?
a. List reasons for why population growth may slow:
7. Explain what carrying capacity is.
Ch. 5.2- Limits to Growth
1. What is a limiting factor?
a. What are density-dependent limiting factors? List examples.
i. Describe a predator-prey relationship.
ii. How can humans be predators?
b. What are density-independent limiting factors? List examples.
Ch. 5.3- Human Population Growth
1. What is demography?
2. What is demographic transition?
a. Describe the three stages of demographic transition.
b. What factors lead to lower death rates?
3. What factors are considered in making predictions about future population growth?
4. How large will the world population be by 2050?