Pueblo Middle School
This Application is Due: May 15,
NAME: ______________________________________
Address: __________________City __________
Zip Code: _____ Home Phone: (
Cell (
) ______________
) _______________
E-Mail Address: ___________________________________
Parents’ Name: ___________________________________
Did you attend Empower Camp as a delegate? Yes or No
Please list any leadership opportunities you have
experienced. For example, student counsel, church groups,
scouts, civic organizations, sports, etc.
Please write a few paragraphs explaining what the Empower
experience meant to you, why you want to return, and what
you think you can contribute to the camp, CIT and campers.
Do you believe your actions, (personal choices and behaviors) during the school
year, or even on weekends, etc. should be considered when selecting who will
serve as a CIT? Or, should the decision be based only on the behaviors you
have exhibited at camp? Please carefully explain your opinion and feelings on
this question:
What do you think is the greatest responsibility of being a CIT?
What do you think will be the most challenging part of being a CIT?
What do you think will be the most rewarding part of being a CIT?
What is your biggest worry (or fear) about being a CIT?
What jobs/tasks do think you will be asked to do around camp?
The next pages contain questions that are intended to create
an awareness of some of the many situations you may
encounter as a CIT/Counselor member…and determine how
you might handle those situations.
Please answer questions
as best you can. A few sentences for each question should be
sufficient, don’t write an entire essay for each question. Each
situation calls for good, and quick judgment, maturity,
responsibility and compassion on your part.
CIT Candidate Scenario Responses
You have kids in your cabin that will not be quiet and go to sleep.
How would you handle this?
You have walked through the food line and have your food. You are
entering the seating area where delegates are seated and eating. How
do you decide where to sit?
You notice a delegate who keeps getting angry and walking off in the
forest alone, what do you do?
You have a delegate who confides in you that they are being hurt at
home or are even hurting themselves, but makes you “swear not to
tell”. What do you do?
How do you separate yourself from being a delegate even though
some of your friends are still delegates? Perhaps it is even your
boyfriend or girlfriend? How do you do this without jeopardizing your
friendship or compromising your role as a CIT member at Empower
A delegate of the opposite gender wants to talk to you alone in the
woods or behind a building. They tell you it is private and very
important. What do you do?
A delegate of the opposite gender seems to really like you. You may
even like him/her. The delegate always wants to sit by you at meals,
campfire, group activities, etc. How do you handle this?
Kids are wrestling in the cabin and it turns serious, what do you do?
You disagree with a CIT/Counselor member in the way they view a
delegate or a situation. What do you do?
You seem to have been stuck with the worse delegates in your group!
They are driving you crazy and you don’t understand why Ms. Julie
gave you all the bad kids… how do you handle this?
You feel physically ill. Tired, sore throat, and you think you may even
have a fever. You also feel an obligation to the service you are called
to complete. You think you may be able to just “tough it out”, but you
are not certain. What to you do?
A delegate is being very critical of another CIT/Counselor member. In
fact you may even tend to agree with some of the things being said
about the CIT/Counselor member…counselor or teacher. How would
you handle a situation like this?
You are at the Camp Fire Circle.
How do you decide where to
One of your delegates has a bad headache and asks you for a Tylenol.
You have Tylenol and Advil in your bag, what would you do?
You have a delegate who continuously uses foul language. You have
spoken to him/her about it and the language seems to continue. What
do you do?
When we are in a “whole group” activity with Ms. Julie or Mr. Scott
Segerson leading, how do you decide where to stand/sit?