Monday -

We learnt about camera techniques. We learnt about the 180 degree rule. We learnt that
whilst filming you should never cross the like of direction being the 180 degree rule or
else you will confuse and disorientate the audience. We also learnt about the match on
action shot. A match on action is when some action occurring before the temporally
questionable cut is picked up where the cut left it by the shot immediately following. For
example, a shot of someone tossing a ball can be edited to show two different views,
while maintaining temporal continuity by being sure that the second shot shows the arm
of the subject in the same stage of its motion as it was left when cutting from the first
shot. Also we learnt about the master shot where you can see the hole of the shot e.g. two
people of a conversation. Also we learnt about panning where the camera moves around
the shot.
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