Lesson Plan for Chapter 1 section 1
1. Explain what methods scientists use to find out about early people.
2. Understand how historians reconstruct the pass
3. Explain how geography and history link
BELLRINGER: Page 6 the cartoon Historical Evidence , answer the questions to
Impact of the individual.
A. How do We Know
1. Prehistory refers to long period of time before people invented systems of writing
2. Archaeology is the study of the way s of life of early people through the
examination of their physical remains.
3. Artifacts objects made by people
4. The archaeologist analyzes the artifacts using different techniques and
technology which are skills and tools people use to meet their basic needs.
5. Technology: Computers, Aerial photography, Carbon 12 measuring radioactivity
help chemists and physicist determine the age of a object, Geologist (earth
scientist) date artifact by determining the age of the nearby rocks.
B. Historians Reconstruct the Past
1. Historians study how people lived in the past, they study artifacts, from clothing,
coin artwork letters and recently movies, sometimes personal experiences, cultural
background and political opinions may effect their interpretation.
C. Geography Five themes
1. Location , tell where a place is on the earth
a. Latitude measure distance north and south of the Equator
b. Longitude measure distance east and west of the Prime Meridian ( O,
pass through Greenwich, London)
2. Place:
physical features, landforms, bodies of water, climate, soil quality,
resources, plants and animal life.
3. Human environment interaction/ interacted with the environment. People have
shaped and have been shaped by the places in which they have lived.
4. Movement: the movement of people, goods and ideas
5. Regions : Region divide up by physical features, politically, economically or