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Skeletal System Web Quest
Instructions1. Please answer the questions in complete sentences.
Part 1- The Skeletal System
1. What makes up the skeletal system?
2. What are the main functions of the skeletal system?
3. Why does a baby have more bones than an adult?
4. Why are bones “alive?”
5. What is a bone made of?
6. Why are bones visible on an x-ray?
7. How many joints does your skeleton have?
8. What is the purpose of cartilage?
9. How do I keep my bones healthy?
Part 2- Kids Health Website
10. Define the following terms:
a. Periosteumb. Compact bonec. Cancellous boned. Bone marrow11. By what age does cartilage stop growing and become completely replaced by bone?
12. How many different types of vertebrae make up your spine? Name each region and indicate how many
vertebrae are in each region.
13. What is the job of the rib cage? How many pairs of ribs do humans have?
14. What is the name of the smallest bone in your body and where is it located?
15. List the 3 major bones for the arms and the 3 major bones of the legs.
16. Name 3 types of joints and give an example of each. (Where are they located?)
Part 3- The Skeleton and the Muscles
17. What comprises the rib cage?
18. What bones make up the pectoral girdle?
19. How many bones make up the pelvic girdle?
20. Describe the external parts of the long bone. Draw a diagram to show these parts.
21. Describe the internal parts of the long bone. Draw a diagram to show these parts.
22. What are the two types of bone?
23. Name and describe the two types of marrow and where they are located in the bone.
24. Name each type of joint found in the body. Describe what it looks like and include where it is found.
25. Explain how bones grow.
26. What factors can affect bone growth?
27. What is the difference between ligaments and tendons?