Persuasive Speech: Pitbulls

Persuasive Speech: Pit Bulls
These days, many different ethnic are persecuted based on their race and religion.
But a different kind of discrimination is taking place in America, the stigma against pit
bulls is a constant factor of American life today. Many people avoid pit bulls, and those
who own them due to them being “dangerous dogs”. This claim has let to the death and
persecution of thousands of pit bulls worldwide. Many, many people are under the
impression that pit bulls are collectively dangerous, like a wild animal. That dear friends,
simply isn’t true.
As any proper pit bull owner and they’ll tell you the truth: Pit Bulls are loving
animals. One of the largest misconceptions in America these days is that all pit bulls are
vicious and deserve to be put down. In most cases of pit bull attacks, it is the owner who
is to blame for the dogs behavior. Dogs who aren’t socialized properly may be more
aggressive then those who have been treated correctly. As Katya Mira, a RPSCA
representative said, “Concentrating on the breed is not affective in tackling the real cause
of the problems…”