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Medea Quiz
1. Creon and Glauce die by:
(A) Starvation
(B) Poison
(C) Strangulation
(D) Disease
2. Aegeus is king of:
(A) Corinth
(B) Crete
(C) Athens
(D) Thebes
3. Colchis is:
(A) A rare disease that plagued Greece in the 6th century BC
(B) The setting of the play
(C) Medea's homeland
(D) Jason's promised kingdom
4. The play opens with:
(A) A choral ode
(B) The nurse's lament
(C) Jason and Medea's wedding scene
(D) Creon's murder
5. Jason immediately became King of Corinth after he married Glauce, TRUE or FALSE:
6. Medea's divine ancestor is:
(A) Zeus
(B) Sisyphus
(C) Hecate
(D) Hyperion
7. The chorus is composed of:
(A) Corinthian women
(B) Medea's children
(C) Widowed elders
(D) Counselors of war
8. Glauce is NOT:
(A) Creon's daughter
(B) The protagonist
(C) Killed by Medea
(D) Jason's bride
9. Medea's chosen profession is:
(A) Spinstress
(B) Lady of the night
(C) Sorceress
(D) Queen of Corinth
10. Medea has a reputation for being clever, TRUE or FALSE:
11. Medea's first words in the play are:
(A) A suicidal wish
(B) Plans for murder
(C) An appeal for justice
(D) Bittersweet memories of life with Jason
12. Jason earned fame as an adventurer by:
(A) Sacking Troy
(B) Sleeping with Aphrodite
(C) Slaying the Hydra
(D) Rescuing the Golden Fleece
13. Medea first reveals her plans to kill her children AFTER:
(A) Creon banishes her
(B) Jason divorces her
(C) Aegeus promises her sanctuary
(D) Glauce and Creon die
14. The action of the play takes place over the course of (a):
(A) Day
(B) Month
(C) Generations
(D) Unknown
15. Medea herself brings the coronet and dress to Glauce, TRUE OR FALSE:
16. Medea makes her escape on a:
(A) Horse-drawn chariot
(B) Dragon-drawn chariot
(C) Stagecoach
(D) Winged horse
17. The play is set in:
(A) Colchis
(B) Athens
(C) Thebes
(D) Corinth
18. Medea is sentenced by Creon to:
(A) Death
(B) Slavery
(C) Silence
(D) Banishment
19. The chorus supports Medea in all her decisions, TRUE or FALSE:
20. Jason learns of his children's death from:
(A) Medea
(B) Chorus
(C) Messenger
(D) Nurse
21. Jason admits he should have never divorced Medea AFTER:
(A) She is banished
(B) His wife dies
(C) His children die
(D) Never
22. Jason seeks to murder Medea after he learns of his children's death, TRUE or FALSE?
23. Aegeus sought from the Oracle at Delphi:
(A) The answer to the Sphinx's riddle
(B) Knowledge of his origins
(C) A cure for his sterility
(D) The identity's of his children's murderer
24. Medea is responsible for the death of all of the following, EXCEPT:
(A) Her brother
(B) Her children
(C) Her father
(D) Glauce and Creon
25. Medea reacts negatively to the news her children have been reprieved from banishment,
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