Macbeth Test Study Guide - Campbell County Schools

Renaissance-Macbeth AP Test Study Guide
For test on Thursday, March 15th
Test will be comprised of mostly multiple choice and short answer questions. You
should do well if you review and understand the following
Poetic terms: couplet, quatrain, octave, sestet, sonnet (know the differences between
the three types covered and their basic info/format/setup – you should be able to
look at the format of a sample and decide what type it is), iambic pentameter,
blank verse, meter, verse drama
Macbeth: (pp. 327-416) plot events (review summaries before each scene and any
question worksheets), structure (regarding 5 acts and pyramid [worksheet]), tragedy
climax, exciting force or initial incident, catastrophe, settings, themes/subjects (ambition,
the supernatural, arrogance, guilt, murder, vengeance, insanity, “fair is foul”), characters
and their relationships; famous quotes (speaker? audience? context? meaning?),
soliloquy, monologue, aside, foils, motifs and their significance (with specific text
examples); Shakespeare’s verse variance (examples and reasons why); How To Read
Literature chapter explained regarding how it is revealed throughout the play (with text
Literary term basics – foreshadowing, dramatic irony
You will be able to use your 5 act question sheets as well as your journals for further test
questions. No sharing of these will be allowed.