Math 10-Test1-Review

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Math 10 Numbers, Relations & Functions
b. 22 & 48
Test Review: Prime & Composite Numbers, GCF & LCM, Perfect Squares &
Cubes, Multiplying & Factoring Polynomials
1. Explain the difference between prime and composite numbers and give
two examples for each.
2. Write 216 as a product of its prime numbers. Determine whether it is a
perfect square and/or a perfect cube through grouping of the prime factors.
3. Determine the GCF and LCM for the following sets of numbers.
a. 27 & 84
a. List the first 10 perfect squares.
b. List the first 10 perfect cubes.
c. Which of the perfect cubes from “b” are also perfect squares?
5. Expand and simplify
a. 5x (x+10)
c. (d+5) (d-3)
b. -3a (a2-5a+9)
d. (3k-7) (2k+9)
e. (-7+4g) (7+4g)
Decomposition :
h. 10n2+n-2
i. 3t2+8t+4
f. (3w+4) (2w+7) + (5w+3) (2w-6)
j. 3x2-13x-10
6. Factor each polynomial as indicated. Check by expanding.
b. 15a2-27a
a. 6x+12
3 5
4 2
c. x y + 15x y
Sum & Product:
e. n2+9n-22
d. 12p -6p +4p
Difference of Squares:
k. 144a2-16b2
l. 100x2-64y2
f. m2-19m+60
7. Julia factored 2x2-3x-9 and found her factors to be (2x-3)(x+3). Determine
if she is correct and show how you know.
g. 4x2+40x+96