Foundations of Government


Foundations of Government

Essential Question: What ideas and events laid the foundation for the American Revolution?

 Important European Ideas o Magna Carta  Document signed by the King of England in 1215  1 st limit to his power  Guaranteed some basic rights:   Trial by jury King could not tax without permission from Parliament o Enlightenment  Period of great ideas in Europe that influenced American ideas on o o government English Bill of Rights  Expanded the ideas of the Magna Carta  Further limited the power of the English monarchy  Increased rights of citizens John Locke  English thinker  Humans have 3 natural rights:    Life Liberty Property  Social contract   Agreement between people and the government If the government fails to protect the people’s rights, the o people have the right (or duty) to change it or overthrow it Baron de Montesquieu  French thinker  Separation of powers into 3 branches of government  Colony o Definition: a territory established by a nation to increase its wealth o Reasons English citizens moved to North American colonies:    Financial Religion To start a new life

 Pilgrims o Sailed to America on the Mayflower in 1620  Signed the Mayflower Compact  Agreed to majority rule  Helped establish the idea of self-government in the colonies  French and Indian War (1754-1763) o Britain v. France  Each side had Native American allies o Fighting for control of North America o Part of a worldwide war between European nations called the Seven Years’ War o British victory  Gained control over all territory east of the Mississippi River  Very expensive war  Leads to the American Revolution