WHEREAS, [school] has a policy that allows university

Resolution Calling on [school] to Cease Punishing Students for Off-Campus
WHEREAS, [school] currently punishes students for some behavior that occurs off
campus; and
WHEREAS, while [the student government] understands that administrators have a
responsibility to hold students accountable for their behavior on campus and at schoolsponsored events, we feel they have no right to pry into students’ lives beyond the
boundaries of school-related activity; and
WHEREAS, looking for extra reasons to punish students by tracking their off-campus
behavior distracts administrators from carrying out the university’s important educational
mission. Now therefore be it
RESOLVED, [student government] calls upon [school] to rightfully limit its punitive
jurisdiction to the boundaries of the campus border (and to school-sponsored activities)
and cease punishing students for off-campus behavior; and be it further
RESOLVED, a copy of this resolution be transmitted to [decision-makers].