Business Law Test Chapter 1

Business Law Test Chapter 1-3
Part I. Terms
1. Law
2. Injunction
3. Statutes
4. Ordinances
5. Criminal Law
6. Doctrine of Stare Decisis
7. Civil Law
8. Unconstitutional
9. Judgment
10. Specific performance
11. Deontology Reasoning vs. Consequential Reasoning
12. Due Process of Law(procedural & substantive
13. Interstate Commerce vs. Intrastate Commerce
14. Administrative law
15. Majority rule
Part II. Essay
1. Trace the history of our present legal system to today.(10)
2. Define the four purposes of law and the four requisites of law.(8)
3. There are 51 basic legal systems in the US. What are the 4 parts law consists
of give some explanation of each.(8)
4. Explain what the Miranda Warnings are and the Exclusionary Rule. (5)
5. Explain the Bill of Rights in sequence, why it is important, and what are the four
aspects that make our country great?(30)
6. Defend whether or not you are in favor of boot camps at juvenile facilities and
also if juveniles should be tried as an adult(10)
7. Explain Gideon Vs. Wainwright.
8. Go to, click on faculty, Scott Muckey, Media Links. From
here locate an article that has legal ramifications. Cite where taken from and
discuss its issues and principles of law.