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Job Description
Job description:
As an Assistant English Instructor in the i-osmosis team, you will be helping
international learners teaching written English to EFL students to improve their
communication skills in written English. Our students include high school and
university students, working professionals, and others.
Thus, your work will include:
- Helping non-native learners improve their communicative skills in English in
terms of their grammar, mechanics, and structuring abilities.
- Evaluating and sending detailed responses to the assignments submitted online
- Giving them suggestions to improve their writing skills
- Working with a team of people to constantly innovate and explore the best
ways to teach grammar, vocabulary, and structure of a piece of writing
Each i-osmosis team member is required to undergo intensive training to
prepare him/her for the level of customization and detail we offer our students
as part of our courses. Furthermore, we will prepare you to deal with problems
unique to EFL learners. Following your training, you will be working with an
enthusiastic team that loves the English language and has a passion for helping
people better their English writing skills.
Candidate profile:
You should apply for the post of "Assistant English Instructor" if...
- You have a strong command over the English language, good analytical skills,
and a feel for what is good written English.
- You are willing to receive intensive training on how best to explain the rules of
correct English writing to learners.
- You have exceptional written English skills and the ability to write in a variety
of styles; from business e-mails to simple and friendly communication with a
- You are very comfortable with MS Word and have a good typing speed.
Experience in teaching, e-learning, and other English language related fields
would be an added advantage.
Contact - Ms.Susanne Gupta; Tel.: +91 22 6714 8888 (extn. 8932).E- mail:
About the Company
i-osmosis, the educational division of Cactus Communications Pvt. Ltd.,
specializes in creating Internet-based written English training packages and
conducting online English courses for non-native learners of English.
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