Lesson Plan for Anatomy:Dissection of a Cow Eye

Lesson Plan for Anatomy: Dissection of a Cow Eye
Objective: To understand the parts of a cow eye and be able to identify them.
Procedure: Using the video stereoscope and the television, the teacher will identify the
parts of the cow eye for the students while they identify the same parts on their own cow
eye at their lab table.
The following parts are to be identified:
 Cornea
 Iris
 Pupil
 Optic disc
 Retina
 Sclera
 Choroid coat
 Lens
 Aqueous humor
 Vitreous humor
Grading Procedure: The students will be orally identify the parts of the cow eye for a
Note: This can be done for any dissection, including the sheep brain, sheep kidney, sheep
heart, internal organs of the rat or frog.